Spring is here and we have an Home Automation idea we’d like to spring on you: X10 Irrigation Control with the WGL Rain8 Irrigation Controller.

WGL has improved upon the design of their already best selling Rain8 by offering a 2-Way X10 version; you can now query your Rain8 for actual status via intelligent software, such as ActiveHome, Homeseer, or the WGL favored Doberman BMS. Also available is the Rain8WL wireless version for control via any X10 Remote Control, or via X10’s Firecracker.

The WGL Rain8 is a full featured, 8 zone irrigation controller that may be linked together to provide a maximum of 256 zones of operation. A complete irrigation schedule can be triggered by the reception of a single X10 power line carrier command.

To configure the Rain8 you connect it to your computer (Windows or Mac) and run the configuration utility application. This allows you to define the X10 address zone assignments and set the operational mode: Automatic or Manual. In Manual mode, each individual zone can be controlled independently.

Rain8 Possibilities

* Create a daily irrigation schedule using the PHT02 Mini Timer. For a more variable schedule, use home automation software, such as ActiveHome, Homeseer, or Doberman BMS.

* Using the wireless Rain8WL you can control your sprinklers with the same handheld, keychain, or universal X10 remote that you use to control your lights and appliances. Via either X10 remote or the Homelink vehicle interface included in many car models, you have the ability to turn off your sprinklers before you pull into the driveway, and start them as you’re leaving, thus avoiding a dousing.

* Create a deterrent to trespassers, human or animal, by using the wireless Rain8WL in conjunction with the X10 DM10A Motion Detector. When the intruder passes before the DM10A, it will send a wireless signal to the Rain8WL, turning on specific irrigation zones.The sprinklers can turn off after a specified duration by using home automation software, such as ActiveHome, Homeseer, or Doberman BMS.

* Using an X10 photocell, such as the Leviton 6308, or the PHC03 Sundowner, or DM10A Motion Detector, you can turn sprinklers on at dusk and/or off at dawn.

* Using a Mini-Clik Rain Sensor, you can prevent your Rain8s from activating sprinklers after or during a rainfall.

* Using a PC and Doberman BMS software all aspects of irrigation may be controlled over the Internet.

Features of WGL favored Doberman BMS Software:

* Internet based software. Set run times, start times and monitor operation over the Internet. All functions are controllable from any location in the world. Monitor and control your home’s irrigation from your office or while on vacation.
* Control up to 256 zones (valves) with 5 independent programs (schedules). Run times from 15 seconds (great for misting) to 4 hours.
* Modify all zones globally with a single control.
* With 5 separate programs you can fine tune your irrigation to conserve valuable water.
* Make seasonal adjustments in 5% increments on all run times. No need to spend time setting each zone individually.

Items mentioned in this article can be purchased at SmartHomeUSA

* WGL 2-Way X10 Irrigation Controller – Rain8II
Eight zone X10 Irrigation Controller that may be networked together for up to 256 zones.
* Doberman BMS Home Automation Software
Set run times, start times and monitor operation over the Internet, from a web browser, anywhere in the world.
* Handheld X10 Remote
Use the same X10 remote that you use to control your lights / appliances to control your sprinklers.
* Mini-Clik Rain Sensor
This clever item prevents an irrigation cycle from ever taking place if it has recently rained.
* WGL USB to Serial RS232 Adapter
For connecting the Rain8 to a USB port on your computer