One of X10’s latest products is their X-ray vision Internet kit. The first item in the kit is a very small colour camera (Xcam2) with a built in radio frequency transmitter. This device is amazingly tiny. You can run it completely wireless by using the battery pack (optional) that provides for up to 4 hours of use or you can use the small ac adapter that is addressable via X-10 signals.

This camera sends its video signals to the X10 A/V receiver, which converts it to either, a composite signal (channel 3 or 4 on a TV) or video out via a RCA connector (which can be connected to your computer via the USB Video Capture Adapter).

The X-ray vision software (downloadable from ) runs on Win95, 98, ME and Win2000. It allows you to set-up a range of options such as sending pictures by e-mail or to a database. The database option allows you to set the system to dial up and send photos to a web server every few seconds thus letting you view the action from a remote location. The upload can also be activated from an event such as motion detection or at a specific time.

If you have multiple cameras, the active one is selected by turning off and on the power supply (via x10 signals if desired) as there is only one receiver. The camera and receiver also have four separate channels so you can have more than one receiver and more than 16 cameras under control.

X-ray vision remote software can be downloaded from and used to view your camera images from anywhere via an internet connection. Just enter your home computer’s IP address, type in your password and you are able to see the images from the remote camera ( updated every 10 seconds to 2 minutes).

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You can also use this camera without this software as a remote web camera or capture the video to a file. This camera set-up can be used as part of a security system or whatever other reasons you can think of … such as spying on the kids in the backyard.

All of this functionality is amazing considering the kit sells for only $129.00. Components included:

* VK58A Indoor/Outdoor colour camera kit
* XC16A camera transmitter
* VR31A 2.4 Ghz receiver
* XM10A addressable power supply
* VA11A USB Video Capture Adapter

You can later add more cameras and connect the reciever to the RCA input on your TV to watch things live around your house. Use a remote and integrate it into your X-10 setup.

Thanks to the new technologies of the camera sensor and all circuitry being included on one chip the price of colour cameras has come down a lot in the last few years. There is a wide range of wireless camera kits at … from a basic camera kit to mutli-camera setups.