You finally return home after a long day, your tie is still strangling, you are all full of mud as it is raining outside and your puppy does not hide its emotions when you return home. You play some relaxing music, have a drink, and you finally think of the presentation you still need to work on that same night? you then decide to have another drink. It almost brings a smile to your face, except you realize you completely forgot to email the presentation to yourself.

Ever dreamed your emails and files were available where and when you needed them? BeInSync is a new secure Peer-to-Peer software that performs automatic synchronization of all your data among your different computers across the Internet. This means that next time you work on a document at the office, all the changes you make will be automatically reflected on your home computer as well, and vice versa. In other words, your data follows you! Furthermore, you can also easily define files and directories you wish to share with others. It just makes it so simple to share that presentation (hadn’t you forgotten it) with colleagues and transfer any size file anywhere.

Once you get used to the new concept, you?ll realize that from now on there is no need to send yourself emails, no need for installing costly servers or hardware devices such as VPNs, or even to lug your laptop with you everywhere. The level of security is high, the set up time is minimal and the best of all is that you are no longer required to consciously initiate any remote access tasks nor to possess any networking knowledge or even to use IP addresses in order to access data. It means that if your laptop gets stolen, or a severe hardware crash occurs, your data will still be intact on the peer machines. You just have to forget your previous habits of emailing yourself and get your data to follow you all the way.

Tens of thousands of individuals and small business users have already embraced BeInSync for greater productivity when working from multiple computers. Why don?t you give it a try?

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