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5G OR .11AX?
Published by Qorvo company

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This new resource details the convergence of residential solar and smart home tech and shows how solar delivers utility savings and increased resale value for today’s homeowners.


In this white paper you will learn how to gain more control over your utility expenditure and save money, including strategies to monitor and optimize energy use for your commercial building. You will also learn about energy optimization tactics including demand shaving, consumer self-supply and time-of-use arbitrage. WE explain in detail the science behind our plug-and-play MicroStorage product, Phazr, the most cost effective and efficient solution available today.

5G OR .11AX?

Have you ever wondered why your phone has three radios (LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), while your tablet and computer typically have two (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)? For that matter, why do you know names like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE? What about 5G or Zigbee?