Everyone has at least one person on their list that seems to have everything they need. Well how about giving the gift that won?t get duplicated or returned this holiday season: Voice Alert. Voice Alert? System-6 is a wireless notification system designed to install easily and provide instant information regarding what is going on in and around the home.

The Voice Alert system consists of two parts: a receiver/speaker designed with digital voice recording capabilities; and wireless, infrared sensor/transmitters. With Voice Alert, users record their own messages designed to correspond to one of Voice Alert?s six monitoring zones. Monitored areas may include the front door, back door, back yard, garage, garden shed, pool area, wine cellar, child?s bedroom, stairway, car or any other area of the house needing extra monitoring. Voice Alert is completely wireless and has a transmission range of 1,000 feet in open space or 300 feet through walls.

Here are some ways those hard-to-buy-for individuals might use Voice Alert.


For the dad who has everything, consider a Voice Alert system. It will give him an easy-to-install electronic device designed to provide extra protection for his family, his tools, his vehicles or whatever. Since it is easy to install, he can have it up and running within minutes and enjoy the additional home protection year round. For technology savvy dads, Voice Alert easily connects to home automation systems, home stereo amplifiers and home security systems, to provide additional function using Voice Alert?s voice broadcast feature.

Parents with Young Children or Teenagers

Well-intentioned, caring parents all know that it is impossible to be everywhere at once. Give parents a tool they will treasure until their children leave home. Voice Alert can give parents more information about what?s going on in the home, back yard or front yard. By placing Voice Alert sensors in a variety of places, including near the pool, at the entrance to the garage, at a child?s door or in the basement, the system notifies parents when children are heading to a potentially dangerous situation.

Voice Alert can also keep parents of teenagers informed about late night, unauthorized ?comings and goings? of their teen or friends. With sensors installed in the front yard, the system can also notify parents of midnight pranks and prevent toilet papered trees and soaped cars before the damage is done.

Elderly Parents

Gift-givers with elderly parents living alone will find that Voice Alert is a gift they won?t exchange. Voice Alert can warn elderly homeowners when someone is approaching before the visitor reaches the front porch or door. It can tell them if someone, like a meter reader or postal carrier, is in the back or front yard. Voice Alert can even help elderly care givers keep loved ones dealing with Alzheimer?s or memory loss safe by alerting care givers when the loved one leaves his or her room.

Young Adults or Renters

Voice Alert is an excellent gift for a college student or young adult living alone in a rented apartment. The system installs without wires and can easily provide activity monitoring in and around a dorm room or apartment. Voice Alert can move with the individual and be used for many years.

Car Buff

If you know someone who loves cars and owns one or several classics, consider giving them a Voice Alert to provide extra protection for that prized possession. The car owner can place a Voice Alert sensor in the car and get advance notice if anyone enters the car. This is not a noisy car alarm that most people ignore. Voice Alert will alert only the owner by triggering the receiver/speaker located inside the home or office. Many Voice Alert users have caught suspected car thieves in the act before any damage is done to their precious set of wheels.

Avid Gardeners

For gardeners who take great pride in their precious blooms or bountiful vegetables, Voice Alert can help protect their gardens from hungry critters. In homes bordering wilderness areas, Voice Alert has proven effective in alerting homeowners when wildlife comes calling. Voice Alert users throughout the country tell stories about how Voice Alert has been instrumental in discovering everything from deer and raccoons to bear cubs in their gardens.

Voice Alert uses and applications are endless and nearly everyone one on this year?s holiday gift list will benefit. Consider giving the gift that won?t get returned this year, Voice Alert.

For more information about Voice Alert, visit the company?s website at www.voicealert.com or call 760-633-3737.