If you want to get a quick overview of of structured wiring from wiring basics to equipment selection and installation techniques this is a great place to start. For $195 you get 2 excellent tapes and a very well illustrated course workbook to go along with them. There’s even an exam to write at the end.

The future will bring many opportunities in the installation and commissioning of Home Systems. This course gives you an opportunity to bone up on the basics and see whether you suit the field. As Grayson Evans states at the beginning of the course … it is not meant to replace specific product training but it certainly covers all of the topics necessary to become a qualified cabling installer.

The course would also be of value if you are an electrician looking to expand your business. Even home owners and home would be wise to look it over. It’s an easy and affordable way to get up to speed on the infrastructure requirements and techniques for providing state of the art technologies in new homes.

It will teach you basic wire and cable principles for present and future home networks and audio/video distribution. It covers the proper planning, selection, and installation of the best infrastructure wiring, distribution equipment, and cable. The video then takes you through three separate structured wiring system installations from start to finish to illustrate the principles presented in the course.


* Wire and cable characteristics and applications
* Residential networks and signal distribution
* Infrastructure cable planning
* Structured wiring equipment and cable
* Proper prewire techniques
* Proper trim-out and testing techniques

Overall a highly professional package that will help many become familiar with the wonderful opportunities that Home Technologies are providing for our society.