Homes today incorporate more connectivity features than ever before. Most modern home design and construction specifies pre-wired capabilities in all living spaces. Telephone outlets are found in almost every room, and many homes are wired for home theater, whole-house music, communications, alarm, and local area network systems. The benefits of such systems, sometimes called “Smart Homes” are obvious; they provide the homeowner or tenant with added convenience, safety, organization and fun. So why don’t we all have whole-house cabling? After all, the cables and connections are available when you need them, and sit idly by in fashionable wall plates when you don’t, right? Not until now.

Open, or unused connectors and wall plates are un-terminated, and un-terminated cable or transmission lines reflect energy. Such signal reflections feed back into the main cable/satellite system, reducing both signal quality and signal to noise ratio (SNR) throughout the entire home. In other words, the open wall plates will effectively reduce the picture and sound quality of all the televisions, VCRs, Internet connections, etc. in the home. Signal degradation is particularly profound at higher frequencies such as those of broadband digital, broadcast video or high-resolution computer graphics. The increased presence of wireless telephones, routers and networks, CB and HAM radio, and other such devices, causes additional erosion to an already weakened signal quality.

Terminated connectors are not available for F-connections, which are used in the typical home environment.

Fortunately, Revotech’s new RJAX 6040 Self-Terminating Wall Plate consistently and correctly terminates each section of unused cable, without the need to remove any cabling from the home. RJAX 6040 employs a resistor, which is activated automatically when the male plug is removed, consistently and correctly terminating each section of unused cable, preventing emissions feedback, and improving signal strength by reducing loss.

Revotech’s new RJAX 6040 Self-Terminating Wall plates, allow whole house cabling systems to deliver the functionality, flexibility, scalability and performance the consumer expects.