TriNexus Technologies Inc. has created a TV set-top box and wireless keyboard for sending and receiving your e-mail. This solution only requires a dial-up e-mail account (you can use some of the very cheap or free local dial-up accounts) and will automatically dial-up via its internal 56k modem at a specified time to pickup your e-mails.

From the comfort of your favorite lazy-boy, you can write e-mail from the wireless keyboard and still watch TV thanks to picture in picture viewing. You can’t ask for an easier solution to stay in contact with friends and family.

For phone convenience, the TV set-top box has three indicators for new call, voice message waiting, and e-mail waiting so it is easy to check when you walk in the room. It also has a feature for caller id that displays the name and number as well as a call log for up to 100 entries. There is a built-in phone address book to save up to 100 entries. Simply select a name from the book and dial the number via the TV interface. Up to 6 mailboxes can be set up on the unit saving up to 6000 lines of text. This can be your household communication center for e-mail and phone.

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The set top box just needs to send video out to your TV which can be done by one of the following methods:

* Cablevision cable in/out (unit has 181 channel tuner)
* RCA composite in/out video and left and right.
* S-Video in/out

This unit supports NTSC and PAL TV systems.

The box can be the sole TV tuner (channel and volume) for your TV and VCR. Included is a small programmable multi-function remote or if your TV supports optional inputs you can use your regular TV tuner and switch to the RCA or S-Video inputs.

I have used TriNexus Technologies Inc.’s TVPostman set top box and wireless keyboard for a few weeks and have found it quite convenient to read and write e-mails while watching TV. It will display .bmp and .jpeg pictures sent to you (photos etc), and you can send photos as well if you have a camera and connect it to the inputs. For messaging this is adequate and is a good solution for people who do not want or need a computer but still want to be able to send and receive e-mails. The fairly easy setup combined with a simple operating procedure would make it a great gift to someone you know who doesn’t use e-mail now.

MSRP of the TVPostman is $249 which includes 1 year of email service. The product will be available in quantity in the fall.