Pyramat Interactive has come up with an inventive and quite comfortable way of getting the fullest sound from your gaming console or movie watching experience.

The Pyramat PM300i Speaker Mat (retail $150.00 US) rolls out from it’s compact and portable state to become a nice little chaise like seat with a back equipped with a full three speaker sound system. Sitting in it while in its fully extended state feels natural and the firm foam padding kept the comfort level high even through longer sitting periods. The two mid-range speakers are located on the sides of the back, with the sub woofer located in the center against your back. This setup works great for delivering an immersive and personalized sound experience, something ideal for gaming.

This sound system might not be the most powerful on the market but when the sound comes from such a close source, with the bass reverberating against your back, its more than enough. In fact as a test, I watched the movie “Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy”. The Mummy always had a way of sneaking up on you but thanks to the Pyramat, I knew long before Bud or Lou when the ancient Mummy was approaching. If the Mummy got upset, you would hear about it, groaning right up against your ears.

An attached remote controls the Pyramat’s volume and sound, which is a nice touch. The Pryamat works with anything and connects through standard L/R RCA plugs.

XBox, Playstation, GameCube, & GameBoy
Stereo’s, MP3s and CD Players

4″ High Performance Woofer
Powerful 25 Watt (rms) Amplifier
Adjustable Bass Boost Volume Control
Hand Remote