They have been featured this year on ?Extreme Makeover Home Edition?, ?Cribs?, ?Entertainment Tonight?, ?While You Were Out? -Even in the Limo of ?Growing Up Gotti?. Lay back? look up? Beam Me Up Scotty! ?They are Fiber Optic Starfields!!

So how do you get one? Who do you have to hire? What type of time, inconvenience, and financial commitments are involved to achieve this?

Guess what? Life just got easier! An innovative company from Encinitas, CA has developed ready-to-install starfields. Either plug-in or hard-wire, elaborate or simple? you can have a twinkling fiber optic starfield in any room of your home without enduring a huge remodeling project!

Installing a fiber optic starfield in your home theater or bedroom use to involve weekends worth of attic time: threading hundreds of hair size fibers through pinholes, while trying to breath through a sweaty dusk mask and scratching at the fiberglass insulation that is sticking to your skin. ?That is if you are lucky enough to have attic space above your project.

Now you can install a starry ceiling without ever having to touch a single strand of fiber (or any insulation!). Depending on your tastes, room parameters, and budget, Numinus products can have you stargazing in no time. There basically 2 types of prefabricated starfields available: StarDomes and StarTiles.

StarTiles are a simple to install, effective way to put the WOW in your home theater or media room. These fabric covered acoustic tiles simply plug-in, and daisy chain. This low profile star solution has the fiber optic and twinkling LEDs inside the tile, all you do is plug and go. They can be installed through the traditional drop ceiling grid, or get creative and install some crown molding, with wood seam strips.

The Cadillac of fiber optic starfields is the StarDome. These architectural fiberglass ceiling domes come complete with an accurate constellation starfield, an individually airbrushed sky mural, and a built in cove with indirect lighting on a dimmer with a hand held remote control ?This dimming provides a sunset effect, that transitions to a night sky full of twinkling fiber optic stars!

Not good enough for you yet? How about getting the sky tailored to the sky above your Wedding Day or Birthday? perhaps adding a shooting star? or lighting controls that provide a leisurely 20 minute sunrise or sunset with the push of a button.

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