What trends do you see in in-room entertainment and media systems?

At home people are watching what they want when they want.  They are accessing content from the cloud and from their personal devices. The ability to access a variety of content from multiple sources becomes even more important while traveling because you’re rarely on a regular schedule.   Travelers today consistently rank good Internet access as more important than TV channels.  The trend today is to provide the best Internet experience possible to best match the home experience.  At Roomlinx we believe that experience should extend onto the largest screen in the room, the TV.

What is Roomlinx iTV?

Interactive TV.  Roomlinx iTV combines the best of HD TV, Internet, PC functionality and HD Video on Demand along with a versatile selection of guest amenities all available via a high definition LCD TV.

What differentiates Roomlinx iTV from other hospitality media and entertainment systems?

Roomlinx iTV provides the guest a truly interactive internet and entertainment experience.  Unlike other systems, Roomlinx iTV converges on-demand content, high-definition quality and the use of personal devices into one system that has the full functionality of a personal computer and internet access.  Roomlinx brings full internet to the tv and allows guests to access their own content such as netflix, hulu, pandora and much more. Roomlinx iTV also integrates with the property’s back office applications including room service, guest services and event reader board and has the ability to scale beyond this to meet the growing demands of the traveler.

What is the value of Roomlinx iTV to a guest?

Roomlinx is fun, informative, productive and convenient.  It provides a unique and memorable ‘home away from home’ experience for guests while traveling. What a guest currently does on their laptop, they can now do on a large screen LCD TV – and leave their laptop at home.  In addition, they have quick access to hotel and local information.

What can guests expect when they use Roomlinx iTV?

With Roomlinx iTV guests can

  • Access full, unrestricted internet
  • Watch unlimited HD Movies
  • Order room service
  • Request items such as extra towels, toiletries and laundry pickup
  • Download, view, edit documents
  • Print anywhere on the system including documents, boarding passes, maps and directions
  • View and search TV programming via an interactive program guide
  • View local attractions, restaurants and maps
  • Play games
  • Access on-line radio and TV stations from around the world
  • Plug in portable devices to watch and listen to personal content

What is the value of Roomlinx iTV to a Hotel?

Roomlinx iTV provides hotels a competitive advantage, a unique guest amenity and an additional revenue stream.

How does Roomlinx iTV generate revenue for the property?

Roomlinx iTV generates revenue for the property through a variety of different features including flexible charge-for-use packages, ecommerce programs and ad-selling and marketing platforms. Its Interactive links to content of choice including text, graphics, videos and web pages drive guests to places the property and advertisers want them to go and allow for higher conversion rates because guests can 'act now'.

Flexible charge-for-use packages.

Roomlinx works with the property to set guest fees for certain features like access to the internet on the TV or bundle fees for unlimited use of the system or movies.

Ecommerce Rewards. 

Roomlinx drives ecommerce revenues through partnerships with establishments selling memberships, event tickets, merchandise and booking reservations.


Roomlinx offers premium placement advertising real estate for local, regional and national brands vying for the attention of today’s traveler.

Marketing Platform.

Roomlinx is the perfect platform for hotels to promote revenue-generating amenities such as spas, restaurants, bed-to-home programs, special events and meeting and banquet facilities.  With its interactive user interface, Roomlinx can help hotels cut costs on printing channel guides, room service menus and compendiums. 

What is SmartEvent?

From large business conferences to weddings and reunions, event planners can now deliver information to attendees and guests through Roomlinx iTV.  Planners can purchase placement on the system and even re-sell placement to exhibitors and sponsors.  Through copy, videos and links to webpages, planners can now connect to attendees while they are most excited and receptive.

What lead Roomlinx to providing interactive TV systems?

In 2007, Roomlinx recognized guests’ habits and demands were changing. No longer were guests using networks just to check email.  The convergence of content over networks was beginning to take hold.  Roomlinx combined their development expertise and robust networks to create and deliver an interactive TV solution to meet guests’ and hoteliers’ needs.

How many rooms/hotels are you installed in?

Roomlinx serves over 40,000 hotel rooms.

Hyatt recently chose roomlinx. Why did they choose your technology? 

Roomlinx was chosen to be the provider of Integrated Hotel Technologies including in-room entertainment, High Speed Internet and High Definition TV programming for participating Hyatt hotels and resorts in the U.S, Canada and the Caribbean for many reasons.

  • We proved the Roomlinx iTV system will generate direct revenue and cost savings for properties and truly differentiate Hyatt from other brands and the in-room systems they offer.
  • Roomlinx iTV platform is scalable and will accommodate guest changing habits well into the future.
  • Roomlinx iTV shows great utility – market research results confirmed significant guest usage and satisfaction.
  • Roomlinx iTV is customizable allowing the property to control the user interface look and feel and business model.

Further detail can be found here.

Which properties is Roomlinx being installed in an when?

Roomlinx is being installed in participating Hyatt hotels and resorts in the U.S, Canada and the Caribbean including Hyatt®, Park Hyatt®, Andaz®, Grand Hyatt®, Hyatt Regency® brand names. The rollout is currently underway and it is anticipated that up to 60,000 Hyatt rooms will be installed with Roomlinx’s iTV platform within the next two years.

How have guests responded to the system so far?

Guest response to the Roomlinx iTV has been very positive. With over 1.5 million clicks per month, we are currently averaging 30 clicks per occupied room night. As our installations continue to grow, this equates to over 54 million clicks per month-a significant number to Roomlinx, properties, partners and advertisers.