At the occasion of its Net-atHome2004 event organised in Nice from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, Homega Research has officially released its awaited multiclient study aimed at providing reliable, detailed and up-to-date information on the current state and development prospects of the Connected Home markets in the main countries of Asia.

The study has been realized over the period April-September 2004 by a project team managed by Karine Valin, General Manager of Homega Research. Its content, developed under the supervision of Roger Torrenti, CEO of Homega Research, has been assembled from the information that the company collects as part of its watch activities, supplemented by targeted research and data collected directly from the key players in this field.

The report (available both in French and in English) first distinguishes the different “Asias”, underlines Asia’s increasing weight in the world economy and selects the Asian countries on which it was considered preferable to focus the study. It then addresses the place of information technology in the Asian economy and society, discusses market deregulation in the countries studied and gives precise information on trends in the key indicators that condition the development of the Connected Home markets (broadband access, Internet users, home PCs, mobile phone owners, etc.).

Finally, the report concentrates on the current state and future prospects for the Connected Home markets in each of the countries under study and for each country gives a general overview of these markets, followed by detailed information on the main country-wide programmes, projects or initiatives as well as the main players in the domain.

Further information is contained in the pdf file The Asian Connected Home Market.