When designing and installing a structured wiring system in a residence, quality and functionality all begins with the initial enclosure that is selected and installed.

The primary driver that ran through the minds at Suttle when designing it’s new SOHO Access™ structured wiring enclosure was “How can we make this better?” This thought process, along with improvement requests from installers and integrators has led to the creation of the most innovative and functional structured wiring enclosure on the market.

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Suttle is a strong advocate of the Telecommunications Industry Association’s Residential Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard (TIA-570-B) and has ensured that its new SOHO Access™ Enclosure will incorporate all current requirements. To provide a solution for multiple cabling requirements and to meet the TIA-570-B standards on Distribution Device cabinet sizes, the new SOHO Access Enclosures are being introduced in 4 new sizes. For MDU applications and Grade 1 homes with a lower service drop count, Suttle is introducing a 14″ enclosure. Suttle has also designed larger enclosures, 21″ & 28″, to meet the requirements for higher drop count Grade1 and Grade 2 homes. A 42″ enclosure has also been developed for very large applications including some industrial uses.

Jay Kilby, Suttle Product Manager, led the effort to define the product requirements. “Although we could have met the standard with our 28″ box in the Grade 2 range, our installer partners told us that they run into a number of applications where the 28″ is too big and the 14″ is too small. Based on this feedback we decided to add the 21″ enclosure to better service our customers and round out the offering.”

The majority of the innovations for the new enclosures came from feedback from installers and integrators installing these enclosures in the field. “Installers are looking for ease in cable management, mounting, superior functionality, and quality at an affordable price. The new SOHO Access Enclosure design addresses all of these concerns throughout the installation process,” according to Kilby.

Suttle enclosures are manufactured with 16 gauge industrial grade steel and painted with a textured powder-coat finish. The enclosure cover options include a basic blank cover and a hinged door cover that can be field modified to add a lock. A sleek translucent cover employing smoked plastic will be introduced in late 2005. This cover will allow you to see inside the enclosure to monitor equipment status and better exhibit the system. With several options available, an installer is bound to find a size and look that will accommodate any customer’s needs.

The new Suttle SOHO Access Enclosure now provides both vertical and horizontal mounting holes to allow the modules to be configured in any number of different directions. This new design feature allows for better cable management within the box, saves space, and helps eliminate compromised cable bend radius concerns. This configuration delivers maximum space in the enclosure allowing an installer more room to easily remove and install modules system requirements change.

Large in size and multiple in number describe the cable entry/exit and points which have been incorporated into the new design. These cable entry/exit points have also been designed for easy knock-out with only the twist of a screwdriver. This enclosure is also available with rubber grommets to protect cables from nicks and cuts by the metal enclosure. By increasing the size and number of the cable entry/exit points, the installer has more options as to where the cables can be brought in and out of the enclosure.

In researching usability of larger size enclosures, one common theme from installers was that they are difficult to install. The new SOHO Access Enclosure has been designed to ease this installation process by providing notched keyholes which allows the installer to mount the enclosure with one hand. When mounting the enclosure on studs that are slightly wider than 16″ centers, the enclosure is equipped with flexible mounting tabs that can be used to compensate for the width difference. There are also flush mounting tabs that ensures that the enclosure lays flush with the wall and compensates for wall board depth providing a nice clean look on the wall. For surface mounted enclosures there are raised knockouts for mounting which allows the installer to run cable behind the enclosure for better cable management.

“Our goal at Suttle is to provide the most innovative, high quality, and cost competitive enclosure on the market. It will deliver installers and integrators the platform they need to better service their customers while increasing functionality, speed of installation and their bottom line.” comments Bruce Blackwood, Suttle VP of Sales. The Suttle SOHO Access Enclosure and modules are readily available for sale through Suttle and selected distributors with delivery later in the fall and will be a major showcase product at CEDIA Expo in September.

About Suttle

Founded in 1910, Suttle is the world’s largest supplier of high-volume voice connection products used by the world’s largest telcos. Suttle provides wireline connections for voice, data, and video communications throughout the world. Residential or commercial, new installation or retrofit, Suttle has the products to enable reliable communications. An ISO 9001 & TL9000 registered communications company, based in Hector, MN. Suttle is a wholly owned subsidiary of Communications Systems, Inc., a publicly traded company (AMEX: JCS).

The opinions expressed in this document are those of the Suttle Corporation, based on the current state of structured wiring enclosures as of July 2005.