Chamberlain Increases Garage Security with the Ultimate Security Bundle Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain,® innovators in garage door opener and home access technologies, introduces the Ultimate Security Bundle (B980) featuring Chamberlain's quietest DC Belt Drive opener with built-in Wi-Fi®, Battery Backup and the Automatic Garage Door Lock. Like a deadbolt for your front door, the Automatic Garage Door Lock provides an extra layer of protection for the home's largest entryway, automatically engaging every time the garage door closes. An audible click further assures homeowners their garage is secure. 

New Ultimate Security Bundle (B980) from Chamberlain features company’s quietest DC Belt Drive opener with built-in Wi-Fi®, Battery Backup, and Automatic Garage Door Lock.

"Understanding that homeowners keep valuable items in their garages and that 75 percent use the garage as the main access point to the home, security is top of mind when developing new Chamberlain garage door opener solutions," said John Villanueva, Vice President & General Manager, Residential Access Solutions, Chamberlain. "Not only does the Ultimate Security Bundle include the Automatic Garage Door Lock but it also includes the highest level encryption to prevent hacking, Battery Backup and built-in smartphone control."

Powered by myQ® technology, the Chamberlain Ultimate Security Bundle provides homeowners with the ability to open and close their garage door from anywhere and receive alerts if its left open. Homeowners will also enjoy the ability to link myQ to other smart home devices. Additionally, the Ultimate Security Bundle comes with an integrated battery backup system that ensures continued operation during a power loss.

"Including valuable peace-of-mind features such as the Automatic Garage Door Lock and myQ technology, the Ultimate Security Bundle helps reassure homeowners that their garage is safe and secure, whether they are out running errands, out of town or home putting their children to bed," added Villanueva.

The Ultimate Security Bundle retails for $348 and is available in Lowe's stores across the United States as supplies last. To learn more about the Chamberlain Ultimate Security Bundle (B980), please visit

About Chamberlain

Chamberlain manufactures and markets some of the most reliable and innovative do-it-yourself products for the garage and home. Chamberlain offers a full line of residential garage door openers and accessories as well as other cutting-edge garage solutions. For more information on Chamberlain products, visit

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