The World's First Design-Forward Intelligent Toilet Debuts At New York's International Contemporary Furniture Fair

International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) attendees were introduced to the world's first design-forward tankless intelligent toilet, the AXENT.ONE C+. The AXENT.ONE C+ redefines intuitive design and adaptable home technology. Each AXENT.ONE C+ intelligent toilet is designed to make life more comfortable with smart and personalized cleansing technologies free of the unnecessary bulkiness and lackluster design of traditional toilets.

Cutting-Edge Technology Meets the Demands of Luxury Homes
Featuring all of the hygienic benefits of a cutting-edge intelligent toilet, the AXENT.ONE C+ incorporates the latest smart bathroom technology into a minimalistic and modern tankless design to fit into any bathroom's style. A few of these features include:

  • Customizable massaging front/rear washing
  • Adjustable bidet wand, seat, dryer and water-warming
  • Intuitive nightlight
  • Vacuum V Flush and AST siphonic flushing technology offers the highest-efficiency flushing for sanitary cleaning
  • Easy Clean glaze to keep your entire toilet (not just the bowl) clean

Recognized Design Excellence   
The AXENT.ONE C+'s innovative design and exceptional functionality has been recognized with numerous international design awards including the Good Design Award, the iF Design Award, and ICONIC Awards.

Supporting Home Hygiene
The AXENT.ONE C+ is designed to meet the physical demands of a variety of users including comfort height design for comfortable seating, front washing for new mothers and remote control management for individuals with physical limitations.

Environmental Impact
The low-profile, minimalistic AXENT.ONE C+ intelligent toilets require 25% less water than traditional toilets and reduces the need for toilet paper use, a consumption that requires over 36.5 billion rolls of paper (or 15 million trees) and over 473.6 trillion gallons of water every single year (Scientific American).   

For more information about the AXENT.ONE C+ intelligent toilet, visit AXENT Switzerland at ICFF booth #2063 or visit

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