Mivatek, which specializes in Mobile Interactive Video-verified Assurance Technology, has been awarded a Smart Residential Community Protection project for the Sha Maison development, in Chiba, Japan.  When completed, it will be the first connected all-Wi-Fi device protection system in Japan.


The project calls for all Wi-Fi connected video, security, safety, and independent living devices for mobile-cloud, video-verified collaborative protection of all 700 units, as well as common areas in Sha Maison, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sekisui House, Ltd. 


  Mini IP Cameras, Battery-Powered Wi-Fi Door/Window Sensors, Panic Buttons, Motion Sensors, and Sirens are used to cover each unit; Outdoor IP cameras cover the units as well as the common areas.  


The heart of the system is a powerful, self-monitored, mobile-cloud Command Center managed by Mivatek’s cloud platform.  The platform software is intuitive, and programmable to satisfy a variety of interactive protection applications.  A community operator oversees the system using an iPad/tablet and/or web browser.


When a device is triggered, family members will get mobile video alerts, and emergency contacts will get mobile push notifications.  If there is no response within one minute, the community operator will receive an alert, after which the operator can communicate with the residence in the app directly and then call the first responder accordingly.


Residents have the option to designate a CMS call-center or a community security operator as a video recipient to accelerate the emergency response time.  


“Battery-powered WiFi smart devices are a dream come true for internet of things (IoT) system designers and connected service providers,” said Joe Liu, CEO of Mivatek.  “Every smart device can now communicate to the cloud directly without a bridge/gateway, a device power-management technology for which we won a patent.  We integrate these devices with our globally managed cloud-of-clouds protection platform, creating a comprehensive, expandable platform that we can OEM to global service providers for connected premises, advanced DIY, MIY peace of mind service and recurring monthly revenue.”


“Thanks to mobile-cloud, and IoT device advancement, the video-verified, smart security, safety, independent living and healthcare trend has taken hold in smart homes and communities worldwide,” said Liu.  “Based on the initial success of the Sha Maison project, we believe our turnkey ‘Protection as a Service’ platform partnership/OEM business is well poised to grow globally."

Liu expects that the project will be completed by the end of 1st quarter 2018. 



Mivatek offers a globally managed, video-verified, and collaborative “Protection as a Service” mobile-cloud platform. The highly managed platform integrates security, safety, surveillance, care/independent living, energy management and automation control IoT devices and functions into one app while connecting multiple locations, multiple authorized video users, emergency contacts, and CMS call center capabilities. 


Mivatek utilizes a patented Smartphone number and location-based cloud intelligence to connect everything (smart devices) from everywhere (multiple locations), to everyone (multiple tier group of users) with multicast video, on a owner defined mobile app built for integrated home, business, and community protection service.  Mivatek OEMs its affordable, easy-to-use, do-it-yourself, and monitor-it-yourself “protection as a service” and self-monitored mobile-cloud command-center S/W to global brand owners and service providers.  The turnkey OEM service includes private label cloud-app, embedded agent, ActionView video module, API, network integration, training, and onsite and offsite mobile-cloud support.  For more information please visit www.mivatek.com.   

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