Integrating Alexa Gadgets Into Your IoT & Home Automation Solutions

Leor Grebler for IoT for All:  I’m fascinated by what might come from Alexa Gadgets Skill API. In September, we saw the announcement of Alexa Buttons. These buttons allow you to buzz in for game show-like experiences with the Echo. Think Family Feud or Jeopardy. There’s also the possibility for skills to change the color of the button’s LEDs.

Amazon has marketed these buttons as wholesome family fun – similar to board game night. However, this masks the very powerful technology that’s driving the buttons and how this could potentially be used in other applications.

Amazon is teasing about this capability through Alexa Gadgets. With this soon to be released API, developers will be able to create inputs for the Echo or receive commands that are synchronized with dialog playing from Alexa-enabled speakers. There’s also the possibility of having the device sync based on music that’s playing. However, there are some possibilities that could make interacting with devices and AI assistants much more compelling.

At the same time, some of these features may end up being competitive to devices that are currently on the market and IoT device makers may need to decide to take the strategy of fighting or embracing Amazon when it comes after their lunch.  Full Article:

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