Drones, Phones, And Automation: The Future Of Home Security

Simon Davies for Tech.Co:  It flies around inside your house, ready to respond to any emergency, to ward off any intruder, and even to feed your pets when you’re away. No, it’s not your own overly-attentive superhero. It’s an Aevena Aire drone, a milestone of the future of home security. Dubbed a “flying security guard”, Aevena’s latest sky-bound security device is like one of those automated robot vacuum cleaners, but instead of cleaning up dust, it cleans up security risks.

This indoor drone is just one of the latest developments in the smart home security world, which is increasingly blurring the lines between the real world and Hollywood Sci-Fi. But with so many DIY home security products on the market, is there a risk we could end up less safe than we were in the days of the simple lock and key?

Safety From Above

Aevena’s Aire has not yet hit the market. It launched on Kickstarter in September, with a tentative release date of December 2018. The drone has proven popular on the crowdfunding platform, reaching its funding goal of $50,000 in just four days. Four users have even ordered the “Triple Pack”, which gives backers three drones for a cool $1,950.

At this stage, it is difficult to say how popular these devices will be with the everyday public, but integration with Amazon Echo’s Alexa is sure to attract many safety-conscious technophiles.

Alexa, Please Protect My House

Amazon themselves have had their eye on the burgeoning smart security market for a while now, as an inside source leaked to the Financial Times that the online retail giant is working on security accessories for the Amazon Echo home assistant. These accessories reportedly include CCTV cameras, the feeds of which users would be able to view remotely.

Since Alexa is slated to be a $10 million ‘mega-hit’ in just a few years, its security accessories may prove to be the most successful bits of smart security kit in time.  Full Article:

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