Not trying to outdo Comcast, this Philly start-up finds its own home-automation niche

Diane Mastrull for  Remember when the technological revolution hit the hospitality industry, and smart cards seemingly replaced room keys overnight?

Innovation was transforming the home front, as well, offering us the ability, for instance, to control the thermostat and alarm system, and to turn the lights on and off, from a remote location.

Felicite Moorman and Ryan Buchert were paying attention and thought: “What about apartments? And college dorms?”

Wouldn’t their residents want so-called smart-home abilities? Wouldn’t the managers of those properties want to be able to change access to residential units with a few strokes on their laptop keyboards rather than cutting new keys or replacing locks? Or to just as easily adjust the heating or air-conditioning in unoccupied units?

Moorman and Buchert decided that multifamily residences represented a vast opportunity in the IoT —Internet of Things — and launched StratIS (for Strategic Implementation and Support), a software company in East Falls, in June 2015.

StratIS wireless systems are now in 150,000 residential units in 46 states, with revenue expected to reach $6 million this year.  Full Article:

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