Many years ago there was a Twilight Zone episode entitled “To Serve Man.” As it turned out in the end, the aliens really were serving man – to eat for dinner. Now although the high-tech future of science fiction has turned into present day reality in the audio-video field, the purpose of this piece is to talk about customer service and what it means in the field of technology – without a surprise twist at the end.

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Here is the menu (pardon the pun) for true customer service:
# Know your product. This seems simple enough, but it’s amazing how many professionals you deal with who have not done their homework to learn everything about their product and related products and services.

# Know what you don’t know and admit it. If you don’t know the answer to a customer’s question, don’t bluff your way through it. Tell the customer you will find the answer and get right back to them.

# Return calls promptly. Get back with that answer as soon as you can, or return a customer’s phone call the same day you receive it, preferably within a short period of time.

# Be responsive to service issues. Even if they broke it, you fix it. It will pay big dividends in the end.

# Answer the unasked questions. Always give as much information about your product and services as you can, even if the customer doesn’t specifically ask.

# Be willing to do windows. No matter what your position and rank is within the organization, be willing to do what it takes to provide the best customer service you can.

# Always lead with integrity. Not only kids and pets know when they can’t trust you, most people have that instinct. Integrity shows in your words and actions.

# Don’t sell the customer something that isn’t right for him. This sounds contrary to the saying “The customer is always right.” You are the professional, and you know when the customer will not be happy with the product they think they want.

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