It’s probably been a while since you’ve been in high school math class, but you haven’t forgotten all the problem solving homework you had. It seemed like tedious work with no practical application. After all, who cares when two trains traveling in opposite directions will pass each other?

In the “real world” you ARE a problem solver. If you’re in the audio-video field as an installer, designer, dealer, or manufacturer, your job is selling solutions. Sure you’re working with a bricks and mortar product, but that product is there to serve your client by solving his AV problem.

One problem your customer may have is space, especially when it comes to large screen, large dimension TVs. One solution an installer has is hanging the thin plasma or LCD screen on a wall. This certainly can solve the problem, but what if this placement doesn’t satisfy a design problem, or if that big screen TV is a DLP rear projection TV?

A solution for each of these problems may be a motorized lifting device. For your thin profile screen consider a concealed panel lift. This is a device that can move a painting, panel, or mirror vertically or horizontally to expose a plasma TV concealed in a niche on a wall. A steel frame, slightly smaller than the niche, extends outside the niche. The painting or mirror is attached to this frame. At the touch of a remote, the painting or mirror moves to reveal the plasma TV.

To hide the DLP projection TV from view when it’s not in use, an up/down motorized TV lift can be the answer. Again, when not viewing the TV, it is concealed, this time in custom cabinetry. These lifts are installed using a “box within a box” concept. The inner box houses the DLP TV, while the lift is installed in the outer cabinet. The outer cabinet is a fine piece of furniture that enhances the décor, thus serving a dual purpose.

If motorization is not the solution to your customer’s AV needs, consider other options such as pivot, cantilever, articulating, or other adjustable wall mounts for Plasma and LCD screens. Do your homework and you’ll find the right answer. The result will be a delighted customer.

LIFT-TECH manufacturers motorized lifting devices, including concealed panel lifts and DLP projection TV lifts. LIFT-TECH is located in Valencia, California. For more information contact them at 661-702-9055. Visit the website at and view the video library to learn more about the company and to see some of the products in operation.