Give me a little background on Scriptel Corporation?

Scriptel is a touch sensor and active pen company that has been in business since 1982. The company has primarily focused on the payment terminal market until recently. At which time, the company began to diversify its portfolio into many different areas of touch and has focused on new, cost effective, and reliable touch solutions.

What kind of experience does Scriptel have with glass sensor technology?

25 years, many patents some of which have expired and many new patents filed.

What is GloveCap?

GloveCap is a capacitive touch sensor panel that is capable of detecting touch through various types of substrates like thick gloves, wood, plastic, and other electronically insulated materials.

How is this different from resistive technology?  

Resistive touch panels us a conductive membrane that acts as a shunt to provide a set of X, Y coordinate voltages from the panel and based on those values the controller calculates the absolute location.

What technologies are behind this new innovation?

Capacitive touch sensor panels. This is an advancement of Scriptel's core technology Static Capacitive which is similar to self-capacitance.

What are the applications for digital signage?

Kiosks (indoor, outdoor, industrial), any outdoor signage, medical signage, any and all digital signage that would interact with insulated materials such as gloves.

When is it targeted to come to market?

4th Quarter 2012

How does it allow touchscreens to be bonded to non-traditional substrates?

The sensor is placed on thin film flexible plastic which allows it to be bonded to various substrates and surfaces i.e. wood, plastic, curved screens, etc.

How does it distinguish touch from bare hands to insulated gloves?

Advancements in signal to noise ratios allow the technology to overcome barriers that previously existed.