PCS has been around for several years selling top quality X-10 lighting equipment. The SceneMaster system allows multiple lights to be set to various dim levels creating single room or whole house lighting scenes with one command. With 4 switches or one four channel lighting module you can implement a complete single room four light system. No central controller is necessary, only one transmitter and the appropriate number of PCS receivers.

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The original features which set PCS apart included soft start, last state restored, brighten from off, preset dimming, low voltage inductive load capability and microstep. The PCS SceneMaster features include:

1. Sixteen scenes such as 8 whole house scenes 4 room scenes, and 4 special pathway scenes.
2. Variable receive level from 10mV to 350 mV.
3. Visual lighting feedback helps installer know if program changes are accepted
4. Security mode flashes selected lights automatically
5. Variable scene ramp rates from instant-on to 13 minutes
6. Channel disable feature to remove selected channels from specific scenes
7. Simple and fast setting and changing scene levels

PCS sent me 3 pieces of hardware to play with for this review.

Smart Switch SS1L/S

OK … here’s another top quality X-10 switch. Again, it’s a bit more money than I’d like to see but as I said in another switch review … it’s a supply and demand world out there and in order for prices to come down we all need to buy more stuff.

The switch is rated at 1000 watts model although (as with other high wattage switches) it is down rated if used in multiple gang situations. It also requires a neutral wire to be present and for multiple switch operation a slave switch is required (Model SSR-1).

This new generation of switches while more expensive, is giving us a multitude of features and higher quality than its predecessors. Here’s a list of some of the things the PCS system will do for you:

* All PCS products contain original PCS features and SceneMaster features listed above.
* Tap Top Once = gradual rise to last dim setting.
* Tap Top Twice = On to full bright
* Tap Bottom Once = gradual dim to off.
* Hold Top = Brighten
* Hold Bottom = Dim
* Firmly press the bottom of the rocker to isolate the switch from the powerline for safety when changing bulbs etc.

All in all another excellent product that does much more than just turn the lights on and off. Retail price for the 1000W switch is $140.

Multi-Module MM2L/S

This module has 4 receptacles and plugs into a standard duplex outlet. The top 2 receptacles are feedthrough only (ie just plug in normal equipment). The bottom 2 outlets are controlled (via any X-10 transmitter) and offer all of the SceneMaster features mentioned above as well as:

* All PCS products contain original PCS features and SceneMaster features listed above.
* 800 W/Channel, 800W Total
* Control 2 Lamp Circuits
* Center Screw for Secure Mounting

This is a quick and easy way to set up some lighting scenes in your home theater without any wiring whatsoever (using lamps plugged into an MM2). Retail Price = $133.

Lighting Modules LM4L/S, LM1L/S

For higher loads the LM-1 (and its 4 channel LM-4 partner) will control up to 2000 watts of lighting with all the SceneMaster features mentioned above. The units can be programmed using a simple X-10 maxi controller and are controlled by remote switches or an X-10 controller. Designed to be wired directly into the lighting system these modules can be wall or panel mounted in the electrical closet adjacent to the main electrical panel.

* All PCS products contain original PCS features and SceneMaster features listed above.
* 2000W or 15Amps
* Four/One Circuits
* Mounts on Standard Four Gang Box
* Internal Fuse Protection
* Slave Switch Control of each Channel

Retail Prices

* LM-1 = $280 (One lighting circuit)
* LM-4 = $210 (4 circuits)

All in all, PCS offers some top quality and unique products and recently they were named finalists for a Home Automation Association Mark of Excellence award.