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Distribute 1 Audio Source to 4 Zones Using PADS

Sunnyvale, California, November 26, 2002

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Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc. introduces the PADS (the Pragmatic Audio Distribution System); a new economical solution that distributes a single audio signal to four zones, each zone up to 300 feet away from the source. Unlike similar systems that can only transmit 100 feet at a paltry 3.5-5 watts/channel, the PADS system delivers up to 15 (RMS) watts per channel over the full 300 foot distance. Since the PADS uses standard structured wiring, installation is extremely quick and simple. In addition, the amplifiers are powered by a central power supply located at the source of the audio.

The PADS' ease of installation also helps the installer lower their cost while distributing superior sound quality throughout the house. The PADS can take any audio signal, such as the signal from an integrated receiver like a CD juke-box, a hard disk based audio server or an MP3 player from a PC, and distributes it throughout the whole house. The beauty of the PADS system is the distance it can send it's power from the power supply as well as the distance it can send a line-level audio signal from the source. Thus, the PADS produces better, cleaner, and more realistic sound over a greater distance than its competition. As with all Pragmatic products, you are guaranteed the highest possible quality along with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Pragmatic Communication Systems, Inc., located in Sunnyvale CA, was founded in 1994 by award-winning engineer Prasanna Shah. Throughout the world, Pragmatic products are used in the most technical and complicated audio and video applications. Their wireless and wired technology is used in life-critical situations by fire departments, in technically demanding applications by educational institutions, and in complex multi-room home entertainment systems by home entertainment installers.

For additional information visit Pragmatic Communications website at: www.wireless-experts.com. Please call their public relations representative James Davidson at: (408) 542-0330 or email sales@wireless-experts with your questions, comments.