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PRAGMATIC ANNOUNCES THE DMS3.4TU™ Distributed Music System

Unique technology provides an affordable yet high performance solution for larger applications

Pragmatic Communications Systems, the leader in audio/video control and signal distribution, introduces the highly innovative DMS3.4TU™ Distributed Music System. It is based on the company's popular TPATM Twisted Pair Audio System for audio signal distribution over simple twisted pair wires, compact TV/FM tuner and the SAATM Stereo audio amplifier. These three products have been available individually but until now never in a system package.

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According to Pragmatic founder and President, Prasanna Shah, "the DMS3.4TU™ is the ideal choice for an affordable solution to send high quality audio signals over standard twisted pair wires in residential, large commercial or industrial arena. The transmitter comes in a compact rack-mount enclosure and has a built-in multi-channel audio switcher that can be controlled by Infrared remote or RS232/RS485 connection." Shah went on to add, "one transmitter has four distinct listening zones and can drive up to 32 remote receivers in each zone. The user can select from three external stereo audio sources or the built-in TV/CATV/FM Stereo tuner sound. The basic remote receiver connects to category 5 wires, has a rotary volume control and uses the SAA™ Amplifier in a single junction box to power the speakers."

The SuperTranZ™ circuit utilized in the DMS3.4TUTM eliminates ground loops, hum, and noise pick up. For plug and play simplicity, both the transmitter and receiver have a standard RJ45 connector for the twisted pair wires. The receivers can be daisy chained up to 32 listening areas on a 3000 ft. long category 5 cable. The units operate on standard a 12VDC power supply and an operating temperature range of -40 degree Celsius to +85 degree Celsius for operation in harsh environment. The audio signal-to-noise ratio is about 96 dB, 20KHz of audio bandwidth and less than 0.1% distortion. The receiver has a high-performance, high-efficiency 24-watt amplifier that can drive speakers directly.

The DMS3.4TU™ transmitter and receiver units are available now with a suggested list price of $699 and $225 respectively. This DMS3.4TUTM is part of Pragmatics' "Affordable Elegance" product line.

Pragmatic Communications, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, was founded in 1994 by award- winning engineer Prasanna Shah. Based in Sunnyvale CA, the company designs and manufactures products in the U.S., for both professional and consumer contracting markets. Pragmatic products are used throughout the world in demanding life-critical, educational and entertainment applications.

For further product and technical information, you may visit the company's website at www.wireless-experts.com  or contact them via e-mail at sales@wireless-experts.com