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Expomark Audit Reveals Growing B2B Community at International CES

CES Brings Together Complete Lines of Players for Industry Business

Arlington, Va., June 12, 2002 - While retailers remain the heart of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) audience, Expomark's independent audit reveals a growing business-to-business (B2B) community at the show.

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Expomark, the exhibition auditing unit of the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), audited the Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA) trade show attendance records, verifying CEA's 2002 International CES registration procedures and record keeping systems. The 2002 International CES was held January 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nev.

"Since the first independent CES attendance audit six years ago, the attendee mix at the show gradually has shifted from mainly retailers to representing all of the major players in the consumer electronics industry," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA, the producer of CES. "Not only has CES remained the place where the industry buys new products, the show has become the industry's meeting place to spot new technology, make new business relationships and foster partnerships."

CES also is bringing the leaders of the industry together with more than 20,000 CEOs, presidents and owners in attendance - a growth of 28 percent since CES' first audited show in 1997. Sixty-one of the Fortune 100 companies are represented at CES. These company leaders meet at CES not only to investigate new technology and products but also to initiate, enhance and solidify OEM relationships and B2B partnerships.

The number of engineers, installers, carriers, financial analysts, content developers and service professionals continues to rise at CES. For example, the number of engineers at CES has more than doubled in six years. The number of attendees involved in research and development has risen 88 percent since the 1997 CES. The number of financial analysts has climbed 64 percent in the same time period.

Major corporate buyers in healthcare, travel, hospitality, government, education and financial institutions attend CES. More than 150 universities attended the 2002 CES to buy products and investigate new technology. Plus, with 100 members of Congress and federal agencies in attendance, CES has more government VIPs than any other non-government sponsored trade event held in the United States.

"Eight-nine percent ($81 billion) of the industry's leaders with buying power continue to attend CES, from large national and regional chains, to e-commerce sites and specialty storefronts," said Karen Chupka, vice president of events and conferences for CEA. "But about five years ago, we made a conscious decision to expand the scope of the show and make it truly the place for the industry to get all its business done - from education and certification to partnerships and OEM relationships. The audit demonstrates that our re-focused marketing and sales efforts have come to fruition with every major product category and industry player attending or exhibiting."

With convergence across all product lines, attendees are interested in more than one or two product categories at CES. For example in 1997, most product categories had 6,000 to 18,000 attendees who expressed interest in them. At the 2002 CES, those same categories had 14,000 to 26,000 attendees who expressed interest in those categories. While the total number of attendees at the show increased by four percent, the range of interest increased by more than 130 percent.

The top 10 product areas attendees wanted to see at the 2002 CES included, (in order of interest level):

1. Mobile electronics
2. DVD
3. Wireless communications
4. Home theater
5. Digital TV/HDTV
6. Computer hardware
7. Audio hardware
8. Video hardware
9. High-end audio
10. Computer software

All of the above, except computer software, had more than 20,000 attendees interested in the category.

The audit report, commissioned by CEA, provides third-party verification of show attendance and demographics, giving exhibitors reliable, credible information. Expomark verified a grand total of 99,438 attendees, with more than 10,000 coming from countries outside the United States.

"We are one of the very few in the high-tech trade show industry who can prove to our exhibitors the quality of our attendance," added Shapiro. "We try to make a close approximation at the close of the show, but we often have a few attendee reports that add to the tally later. In fact, the 2002 International CES show attendance was higher than we originally reported."

An Expomark tradeshow audit provides verification of exhibition records, including direct on-site observation, examination of registration systems and testing of attendee records. Total attendance counts are verified, as well as records and record-keeping systems. Post-show analysis includes direct confirmation sampling, reconciliation of attendance lists, elimination of duplicate names and verification of demographic data with source documentation.

Expomark provides independent third-party audits and industry-developed standards for exhibition attendance, demographic claims and record keeping systems. The exhibition-auditing unit of ABC has conducted trade show audits since 1993.

With more than one million square feet and 1,000 exhibitors already on board, the 2003 International CES will be held Thursday, January 9 through Sunday, January 12, in Las Vegas. CES is the largest tradeshow in North America, per the Tradeshow Week 200 published by Tradeshow Week. For more news on CES before, during and after the show, visit www.CESweb.org.

About CEA: The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) represents more than 1000 corporate members involved in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of audio, video, mobile electronics, wireless and landline communications, information technology, multimedia and accessory products, as well as related services that are sold through consumer channels. Combined, CEA's members account for more than $80 billion in annual sales. CEA's resources are available online at www.CE.org, the definitive source for information about the consumer electronics industry.

CEA produces the International CES - Your Source for Workstyle and Lifestyle Technology. All profits from CES are reinvested into industry services, including technical training and education, industry promotion, engineering standards development, market research and legislative advocacy.


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