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Knock-Knock… Who’s there?

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Now you can find out who’s at the door from the safety of your telephone! Viking doorboxes offer security for both residential and business applications. Available in a variety styles and are easy to install.

Viking's W-1000, W-2000A and W-3000 doorboxes are designed to be installed on the unused telephone line input of nearly any phone system or...

When combined with the C-1000A Doorbox Controller, Viking doorboxes can also be installed in single line residential applications.

For business, these doorboxes are designed to interface directly with the unused trunk input of a PABX or electronic key system. For residential applications, one or two doorboxes can share a single line phone when used with Viking's C-1000A door entry controller. Normal phone operation is not affected!

When the call button is pressed, the doorbox generates standard or custom ring cadences. The receiving party may then answer the call and converse freely with the visitor. The communication may also be initiated internally, to allow audible monitoring of the door area.

The W-200 doorbox system, when used in combination with an existing doorbell, also provides safe, reliable and inexpensive handsfree communication through your existing residential phones.

Models W-1000 and W-2000A have a suggested trade net price of $143.00 each. Model W-3000 has a suggested trade net price of $170.00. Model W-200 has a suggested trade net price of $100.00. All of Viking's doorboxes are available nationwide at major security and telecom distributors.

For more information contact:

Viking Electronics Phone: (715) 386-8861
E-mail: Info@VikingElectronics.com