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(Santa Clara, CA, January 22, 2003) - Pragmatic Communications Systems, innovators in audio/video control and signal distribution to technologies, has improved the in-wall amplifier with keypad (IWA-KP) to complement its DMS(tm) (Distributed Music System). The ergonomically designed keypad fits in a single gang box with a built-in high performance amplifier. The keys provide direct access to up to four sources. A bank of 9 LEDs graphically displays various pre-amp levels. The keys are field replaceable by the installer to match any décor and come with a choice of 8 different colors. The built-in high sensitivity IR detector has a very wide coverage angle and features a talkback LED to confirm reception of IR commands. The compact amplifier delivers true high fidelity performance that actually rivals the sound quality of large stand-alone amplifiers.

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The standard power output for IWA-KP is 24 watts per channel. However, Pragmatic provides further options of choosing between 36 and 48 watts. With frequency response between 20 Hz to 20KHz, IWA-KP provides a wide dynamic range and signal-to-noise of more than 100 dB. Its two mono-block amplifiers provide extremely clean state-of-the-art power, unexpected sound depth with exceptional musical clarity. BobPragmatic's IWA-KP, part of the company's DMS(tm) (Distributed Music System), is designed for a wide range of applications including whole house music systems, information kiosks, classrooms, boardrooms, restaurants, bars, shopping arcades, theme parks, and other commercial venues.

This unique product offers high performance for remote applications or where signal needs to be transmitted over long distances. With advanced protection circuitry to guard against damage from overload, excessive temperatures or short circuits, the IWA-KP truly deserves its high rating from both consumers and distributors. The product delivers high fidelity performance rivaling the sound quality of large audiophile amplifiers at a fraction of the size and price.

Award-winning engineer Prasanna Shah founded Pragmatic Communications, which located in the heart of Silicon Valley in 1994. Based in Santa Clara, CA, the company designs and manufactures its products in the U.S., for both professional and consumer markets. Pragmatic, known for their proprietary CATS( & DMS(tm) technologies, also provide products that are used throughout the world in demanding life-critical, educational and entertainment applications. The company's products are marketed exclusively to professional systems contractors. For more information, please contact our Sales Manager, James Davidson at 408 735 0300 or email sales@wireless-experts.com