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(Santa Clara CA, January 15, 2003) - Pragmatic Communications Systems, innovators in audio/video control and signal distribution to technologies, just introduced a two rack size 12- channel amplifier with cutting-edge digital circuitry that produces stereo sound in up to 6 rooms at 48 watts per channel. The new amplifier, known as the MCA1248, exhibits extremely high efficiency and doesn't require any heat sink or ventilating fan. At less than 10 pounds, with the signal to noise ratio and the dynamic range both exceeding 100dB, and the frequency response of 20Hz and 50 KHz, the new Pragmatic MCA1248 amplifier is the most compact, ultra efficient and affordable amplifier in its class. It is the multi-channel amplifier that truly deserves EPA energy star rating.

The MCA1248 amplifier is ideal for multi-room audio, bi-amped speakers, and home theater systems. Its unit accepts any pre-amp level or line level input, and delivers audiophile quality power to speakers loads as low as 4 ohms. The amplifier is equipped with advanced protection circuitry to guard against system damage from overload, overheat, or short circuits.

Pragmatic has been in business since 1994 and has accumulated a diverse product base with emphasis on innovative audio and video distributions systems. Pragmatic is mostly known for their groundbreaking product, CASTTM that transmits both studio quality audio and professional grade video over one cat5 cable. In addition to CATS, Pragmatic also manufactures studio-quality amplifiers, tuners and wireless audio and video products. Pragmatic constantly adjusts and improves its products to stay one step ahead of customers' needs. For additional information please call our Sales & Marketing Manager, James Davidson at 408-735-0300 or email him at sales@wireless-experts.com