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Sunnyvale, CA August 13, 2002

Starting at $1995.00 MSRP, the DMS 4.4 is an inexpensive, audiophile quality system for distributing audio throughout a home, office or business. The DMS 4.4 tm by Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc. was created specifically to make audio installation easier, less expensive and more efficient for custom home audio installers. The DMS 4.4 transmits 4 audio sources to 4 zones (expandable to 8 or 16 zones) up to 1000 feet over category 5 cables while eliminating problems with ground loops, noise pick-ups, hum, and interference. It features a high performance FM & CATV tuner as a built-in source. Three additional external sources such as satellite, radio, CD jukebox, or hard disk audio can be connected.

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The system comes with four in-wall amplifiers (24 watts per channel (an optional 48 watt/channel is available), of very clean audiophile quality power). These amplifiers are designed to fit inside the space of a typical light-switch size cutout in the wall. Each amplifier has an infrared remote that can be used to choose between and operate each of the different audio sources. By placing the amplifiers as close to the speakers as possible, the highest sound quality is achieved delivering a dynamic range of > 100 dB, a signal-to-noise rate of > 100 dB and a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz. For the A/V installer this means easier installation, better sound quality, and a significantly lower cost than running traditional speaker cables. This system is especially easy to install in locations that are already wired with category 5 cabling where 90% of the installation work has already been done.

Pragmatic Communication Systems, Inc., located in Sunnyvale CA, was founded in 1994 by award-winning engineer Prasanna Shah. Throughout the world, Pragmatic products are used in the most technical and complicated audio and video applications. Their wireless and wired technology is used in life-critical situations by fire departments, in technically demanding applications by educational institutions, and in complex multi-room home entertainment systems by home entertainment installers.

For additional information call their public relations representative James Davidson at: (408) 542-0330, the newly-designed Pragmatic Communications website at: www.wireless-experts.com , or send an e-mail to sales@wireless-experts.com