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How to watch Internet videos, short films and newscasts on your computer

Internet Video Magazine says throw away your TV set and cancel your cable TV

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San Diego, Calif - If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can now watch a vast assortment of newscasts, short films, videos and animations on your computer - at your schedule. Some of these programs can even be downloaded to your computer and later shared with your family and friends.

"More people than ever before turned to the net to get their news about the war in Iraq," said Mark Shapiro, Internet Video Magazine. "Almost anything you can get on broadcast, you can now get on the Net. When you want it and how you want it."

There are two basic types of media files on the net - streaming media files and downloadable files. Streaming media files function like a TV broadcast - once started, they play until they are completed. These include Real Media, Windows Media, Flash and QuickTime files. Multimedia files like MPEG, AVI and some Flash and QuickTime files are meant to be downloaded to your computer and then played. If you have a fast Internet connection, you may be able to play these files as they download so they appear to be streaming.

Aside from a computer and Internet connection, you need to use a media player like Windows Media Player, Real Player, Macromedia Flash Player, DivX Player and Apple QuickTime. These are free and can be downloaded from their respective web sites. It is also recommended to have the latest versions of popular web browsers installed on your computer.

There are all kinds of great multimedia on the net and most are free. For Internet Video Magazine's list of the best online video newscasts, check out http://www.internetvideomag.com/Web-Sites/WebSitesfornews.php4 . For a list of the best and coolest entertainment video sites, check out http://www.internetvideomag.com/Web-Sites/toptencoolest.htm and http://www.internetvideomag.com/watchvideos.htm

Internet Video Magazine was launched in January 2002 and is the net's leading guide to online videos, movies and animations as well as the web sites that host them. The site also teaches you how to create and distribute your own Internet productions.