Stylish controls and simplicity are the trademarks of Lightolier Controls’ home lighting systems. In fact, Lightolier Controls, a division of Genlyte Thomas, has been providing quality, innovative lighting controls for more than 17 years.

Staying on the edge is important to keep up with what consumers want and expect in their homes. And today, Lightolier Controls has taken an even greater step in redefining whole-house lighting control with a pair of industry firsts that simplifies the installation of and adds flexibility to its industry-leading Compose? PLC system.

The new Compose PLC Convertible dimmer simplifies whole-house lighting control design and installation by quickly converting to preset dimmer operation or individual dimmer operation after installation. This allows homeowners easily change the look, feel, groups of lights and lighting scenes throughout the home. All PLC dimmers can install into any location and control the most common load types including incandescent and inductive loads.

The PLC Convertible keypads and dimmers are also packed with lots of new, innovative features such as flexible fade rates and dimmable LEDs. For example, those who don’t like the LEDs, particularly in their bedrooms or home theatre rooms, can now dim or completely turn off the LEDs. Additionally, all keypads offer 4 levels of button brightness.

With the flexible fade rate feature, any dimmer can be set at any fade rate, from instant up to one hour, to create any scene. And the slower raise/lower fade time from the raise/lower arrows on the keypads makes it much easier to fine-tune the lighting scene.

Homeowners are not the only ones to receive the benefit of the PLC Convertible dimmers. Contractors and installers also benefit by the reduced time on the jobsite because they only have to know the total number of dimmers needed rather than having to plan where preset and individual dimmers must be installed. To maximize convenience, all PLC convertible dimmers are 100 percent compatible with PLC products and systems.

Compose? PLC offers preset lighting scenes for individual rooms and centralized multi-room lighting control from convenient locations throughout your home. Designed around the homes’ existing wiring, Compose ? PLC uses smart wallbox dimmers that use conventional wiring. This enables Compose? PLC to deliver sophisticated lighting control features and functions typically found in more expensive, hard-wired lighting control systems, such as two-way visual communication of room status which provides the ability for the homeowner to quickly see which rooms are on.

Another groundbreaking Lightolier Controls introduction is the industry’s first three-speed PLC fan control. This digital, decorator-style fan-control includes all the capabilities of the PLC convertible dimmers as well as a unique “kick-start” feature to help protect and extend the fan’s life.

The motor of a ceiling fan is built so that it operates at three speeds – low, medium and high. In order to generate enough power to spin the blades, the fan kicks “on” in the “high” setting. With the Lightolier Controls “kick start” feature, the fan to momentarily – a matter of just a few seconds – runs on “high” speed in order to generate the power needed to start the blades moving. The feature then automatically “kicks” the fan to the preset setting, without need for the homeowner to change the device.

The Compose PLC Fan Control is fast and simple to program and can be retrofitted into an existing structure or installed in a new construction project with no additional wiring required. The LEDs indicate preset, current level and off position and the devices built-in Whispurr? technology that ensures quiet fan operation.

The new devices are by far the most flexible, feature-packed and best value power line carrier devices available. In addition, they are completely compatible with all existing Lightolier Controls Compose PLC products.