The task may seem daunting at first but sharpened skills will help you to meet the needs of the new residential and commercial clients. Whether it involves setting up IT networks, security systems or managing dynamic IP addresses, systems integrators need to be equipped for these demands. Crestron is committed to ongoing professional education to pave the way for dealers.
We’re engineering the future success of our industry by educating our dealers and installers. We’re training them on the technologies and solutions they need to compete in today’s market, and thrive in the fast-changing world of technology. And those willing to educate themselves are reaping the rewards.

We have been advocating for years that we, as an industry, can’t be solely focused on AV. We are in the integrated systems business. You need to provide complete integration of all building systems on a single-platform. Let’s be honest, if you just keep focusing on projectors and screens, that’s all you’re ever going to get.

To ensure that installers meet the higher demands of the new client base, Crestron Technical Institute (CTI) provides extensive training at 57 regional and worldwide classrooms, as well as online training. In addition, Crestron courses are offered at CEDIA and InfoComm, giving integrators the opportunity to expand their education and skills sets for both commercial and residential projects.

The education available at CTI enables our dealers to differentiate themselves, while helping them succeed in today’s market. Our extensive training curriculum informs dealers about the latest trends, emerging technologies and best practices, giving residential dealers the foundation and knowledge to transition into the commercial marketplace. Courses are designed specifically for both residential and commercial integrators who want to be prepared for the future.

Crestron takes its training programs a step further, offering an entire curriculum dedicated to end-to-end solutions including design, installation and commission of lighting and shade systems, asset management and IT networking. The award-winning CTI is designed to broaden and add specialized skills and technology expertise by teaching installers at all levels about the power of Crestron integrated solutions and the new industry standards that will keep them ahead of their competition for the long term.

CTI certification classes for DigitalMedia Designer (DMC-D), DigitalMedia Technician (DMC-T) and DigitalMedia Engineer (DMC-E), based on the HD-DTDS specification, are also fully accredited for continuing education units by the InfoComm AV professional Certified Technology Specialist (CTS®) and CEDIA Certification programs.

More than 800 Crestron classes are taught each year, serving 12,000 students annually. There are multiple course tracks offered to Crestron dealers and partners, including:

AV Sales/Design
AV System Design
Commercial Lighting – Specification & Design
Residential Lighting – Specification & Design
Commercial Lighting Installation
Residential Lighting Installation
Integrated Building Technology

Since its inception more than 10 years ago, 1,000 certified programmers graduated from CTI. Designed with the future of our industry and our dealers firmly in mind, Crestron courses continue to provide endless opportunities for dealers who need to sustain and grow their business as technology and the market landscape quickly shifts and changes.

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