Company Name: AVD Australia & Project Connection Australia

Contact: Sandy Howard

Phone Number: + 61 2 99062424

Email address:

Website address: /

List of Products used:
Audio & Video
· 4 zones of distributed Audio (Bed 1, Guest Bed, Kitchen, Balcony Garden)
· 3 zones of distributed Video (Bed 1, Guest Bed, Dining Room)
· 1 concealed 5.1 surround location (living) with 120 inch motorised
screen & DLP projector

Lighting Control
· 24 zones of controlled lighting including outdoor-landscaped areas
· 12 programmed scenes to choose from (including movie, welcome, away, dinner party, reading, total privacy)
·16 motorised external vertical aluminum shades
· 9 motorised external horizontal louvres
· 6 zones A/C control
· 10 zones of floor heat control

· 8 point, high speed, hardwired data network
· high speed wireless network
· colour video intercom with access control
· multiple line phone system

· 1 Simple and intuitive in -wall colour touch screen that:
– provides 12 lighting scenes
– manages all individual lighting zones, motorised devices and HVAC overrides
– manages the automation of the dynamic internal ambient lighting levels
– manages the automation of the external sun shades and louvres
– manages the automation of the internal floor heat and airconditioning
– provides weather forecasts and news links

Programming includes energy-efficiency criteria to maintain constant internal air temperatures, reducing the need for air-conditioning.
· 2 wireless colour touch screens which provide control of their dedicated local environments and all electronic elements including lighting, audio, video and motorised devices

Unusual situations or problems that you came across:
Two major challenges were incorporating the 42 inch LCD TV into the bedroom ceiling within its motorised dropper and incorporating the DLP projector into the vertical A/C ventricle.

So access to the DLP projector for bulb changes was simple, AVD had the A/C ventricle professionally modified by the manufacturer.

With such a complex arrangement of motorised devices and other associated systems, the client has a very intuitive home automation system that has exceeded all of his expectations and is simple to operate.

Summarize the project in a few paragraphs:
The client was aware of how visually exposed he was going to be living in his state-of-the-art, four-bedroom apartment which was like a glass fishbowl in the heart of the city. In addition, due to its west-facing orientation he was concerned about the heat load the sun light was going to produce, particularly in summer.

The main focus of the scope revolved around the two major factors of privacy and climate control. Audio and video systems; the simplicity of control and the automation of all of the above were also important.

The brief was simply: “Nothing was to be seen. If it was to be used, then it had to be seen in a minimalist form.”

To achieve the desired result, the client employed the services of AVD Australia to undertake the entire home automation system. AVD Australia brought over 20 year’s experience in advanced home automation to the project, and employed their tried and true philosophy of systems engineering to achieve the result within time and within budget.

To overcome the issues of the harsh westerly sun and lack of privacy, two external layers of motorised sun shades were attached to the entire outer floor to ceiling glass walls.

These consisted of a set of floor to ceiling vertical louvers and a set of ceiling-height pivoting horizontal blades. Internally, floor heating and A/C provided more than adequate climate control comfort. Programmed into the automation control is clever logic coding combined with energyefficiency criteria that reacts to the various sensor inputs and initiates all of the motorised devices in harmony. This ensures a near constant internal ambient temperature as per the desired set point temperature, reducing the need for air-conditioning.

Discrete flush-mounted speakers (from the Sonance architecture range) with Axium power amps were used for the multi-room audio. Ultralift motorised lifts/droppers were used for the plasma screens and a 120 inch motorised front projection screen from Screen Technics. All equipment is tucked away out of sight when not in use. Considering that the vast majority of tasks happen without any input from the owner, this is truly an energy-efficient home automation system.

The final result came in on time and on budget.