Company Name: AVD Australia and Project Connection Australia

Contact: Sandy Howard

Phone Number: +612 9906 2424

Email address:

Website address:

Project location: Remote country region of NSW Australia

Project budget:
Construction: $8,000,000.00
Electrical: $1,500,000.00
Home Automation: $ 700,000.00

List of Products used:

4 AMX 15″ Modero Touch Screens
4 AMX NI-700’s
3 Multinet 4 port RS-232 to TCP-IP
1 x 3GHz Server
2 AV AutoPatch Matrix Switchers

182 Custom Screens for the Graphical User Interface
950 Custom Buttons
IR/RF to RS-232

943 Light Fittings
85 Individual Areas
Clipsal C-Bus Lighting System
Schedule Plus Operating Software
3 C-Bus Networks
78 Custom Switch Plates
131 Dimmer Channels
148 Relay Channels
631 Group Addresses
455 Programmed Lighting Scenes

46 Blinds
6 Awnings
4 Doors
1 Gate

Main & Sub Mains Cabling: 6, 174 meters
Lighting Cable: 21, 700 meters
Power Cable: 15, 892 meters
Security Cable: 14, 355 meters
Cat 5e Cable: 9, 455 meters
Cat 6 Cable: 2, 135 meters
RG-6 Co Axial Cable: 3, 415 meters
Half Inch Aluminium Co Axial Cable: 1, 400 meters
Conduit: 7, 064 meters
Cable Tray: 513 meters
Optic Fibre 6 Core 1, 050 meters
Cable Ties: 19, 280
Power Points: 228

Tecom Challenger Version 9
16 Areas
350 Plus Inputs
No Further Details Available

9 Ikusi 7MHz Stereo Modulators
4 Foxtel Digital Inc IQ Boxes
6 Distributed DigitalView HDTV STU’s
17 TV Points

Extensive NiceVision CCTV System
No further details available

4 Netgear 24 port switches
28 Cabled Points
Extensive WAN

2 dedicated distribution rooms
250 Amp 3 Phase Power Supply
50 kVA 3 Phase Uninterrupted Power Supply
Surge protection

Panasonic TDA 200 Digital Hybrid Phone System
16 Digital 6 Line LCD Handsets
DECT Cordless Solution with 7 Base Stations
4 Custom Front Door Stations
‘The Country Retreat’

Unusual situations or problems that you came across:

The Country Retreat was true to its name – a remote site located in a country area with extreme weather patterns and lightning. Another major issue was snakes and aggressive wombats which did not take kindly to being moved on.

An electrical and electronic marvel The Country Retreat has more than 74,000 meters of cabling, over 1,000 meters of 6 core Optical Fibre, 4 AMX 15″ Modero Touch Screens, 350 Plus security sensors, 57 motorised devices (blinds-shutters-curtains etc), 900 plus light fittings in 85 areas, 9 modulated digital TV channels, 2 dedicated distribution rooms, 250 Amp 3 phase power supply, 50 kVA 3 phase uninterrupted power supply, surge protection, an extensive LAN, WAN and communications system and the list goes on.

Technical Innovation

The C-Bus lighting control system is used to control all lighting, motorised devices, heated floors, heated towel rails, exhaust fans and water features. Reflection series C-Bus switch plates were used as a base for the 78 customised face plates with different finishes and scripting on each and every plate.

There are 131 separate dimming channels and 148 separate relay channels controlling the equipment. The C-Bus equipment is housed in custom-made switchboard enclosures designed by Project Connection Australia.

There is a dedicated Schedule Plus server that communicates to the 3 separate C-Bus networks in the house and controls scene setting and scheduling for the different devices. Included in the programming are 631 group addresses and 455 programmed lighting scenes.

To enable a stable power platform for the equipment to operate from, a 50Kva 3 phase UPS was installed. This UPS powers all of the control equipment throughout the residence including one zone of lighting in most rooms to enable the client to still use the house during power outages and also limiting the effects of surge and power spike damage to the expensive electronic equipment installed in the house.

With the huge amount of cabling installed in the house a Microsoft Access database was used where all cables were listed either by room or type. A documented numbering system provides a schedule, which when used in conjunction with the drawings, allows installation and service people to know where each cables goes to, and from, and the cables purpose. This was essential in installing such a complex network of cables.

Four full-time staff relocated for a period of 12 months with six others working weekends for three months to finish the project in a reduced time frame.

Summarize the project in a few paragraphs:

From the outset the overseas client wanted to ensure that all aspects of his retreat could to be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world.

To bring together a house with such an advanced level of electronic integration required a control system that was capable of communicating seamlessly and reliably with each of the stand alone systems.

The AMX product allowed AVD to develop a custom Graphical User Interface (GUI) that met exacting design and functionality criteria. This was critical in order to achieve easy operation of the house. At any one of the four 15″ Modero Touch screens, the owner is able to control every aspect of his home, from the initial control of the base and global functions through to drilling down to the finest detail of each system.

To achieve complete functionality the AMX system consists of 182 custom designed GUI screens. However, only about 20 of these are needed to be used on a daily basis to achieve the majority of daily functions.

“AMX was selected as it is the only integration control system that allowed us to bring together the complex functions and communications requirements of this home to a stable and intuitive platform”.
Sandy Howard, AVD Australia

Achievements include the use of fibre optics for lengthy runs for communications etc; 100 KVA Genset; 50 KVA UPS; surge protection; Dynasphere lightning protection and complete remote diagnostics of all systems.

To enable the design, integration and implementation of a fully functioning Home Automation System AVD undertook the following:

• Scope of Works Development
• Systems and Infrastructure Engineering & Design
• Documentation of
– Electrical Systems
– Electronic Systems
– Lighting Schedules
– Cabling Schedules
– Switching Schedules
• Infrastructure Project Management
• Product Selection
• Installation & Project Management of Systems
• Control System Development, Programming and Testing
• Final Commissioning and Handover

Documentation Period: 6 months
Construction Period: 18 months
Fit-Off: 3 months

“Together with Project Connection, we fulfilled our brief, which was to enable the design, integration and implementation of a fully functioning home automation system that could be monitored from anywhere in the world and which included the complete upgrade of power and systems to the remote property. The job came in on time and on budget despite the remote location of the project; the extreme weather patterns and aggressive wildlife. This was achieved through careful planning, good communication between all parties, patience and plenty of good humour!”