We have all heard of the IEEE wireless standards 802.11a and 802.11b. But who has ever heard of Powerline Networking? No. It’s not wireless, but it may just be the reason you’ll soon start hearing phrases like “Invisible Wiring Networking” and “No New Wire Networking”.

The technology is called Powerline Networking and it may help industry watchers identify the true features and functionality that home and small office networkers really want. Do we all really want Wireless, or do we just want a clean, fast, secure and easy way to run broadband throughout our homes? If our homes already had CAT5 cable installed in them, would we just prefer to use that? The new buzz of Powerline Networking may finally be able to answer these questions for us.

Powerline Networking uses the existing electrical wiring in a building to send data, share broadband and network computers turning normal plugs and power outlets into live network jacks. Powerline Networking transmits data at speeds of 14 Mbps and will cover 3300 feet in distance using 56 Bit DES encryption allowing you to keep your network secure. It offers further benefits of Error Correction and a guaranteed Quality of Service, but the greatest thing about this new technology is you never have to run any new cable or install one new jack to build a home or small office network. All you have to do is plug in a plug and you instantaneously have connectivity in every power outlet in your home.

With Powerline Networking you get the benefits of having a wired connection and also the flexibility and mobility of a wireless connection…and you never see or touch one new wire. We all know there is no such thing as “Invisible Wiring”, but is this just as good? A lot of people are saying yes!

With companies like Cisco, 3Com, Motorola and Compaq supporting the Powerline technology through the HomePlug Alliance; Powerline Networking is sure to hold a place in the SOHO networking market. Will it replace Wireless? Probably not, but with speeds of 14 mbps and it’s ease of use, it has just given consumers one more real networking solution to choose from.