Over the last 12 years Richard Grays Power Company has sold thousands of Power Delivery Systems to Power and Improve the performance of Audio Visual installations worldwide, while at the same time utilized customer feedback to keep its products up to date with improvements such as: AV Grade Magnetics, Higher Level Power Purification, Up to Date Surge Protection Performance in accordance to UL1449 3rd edition and Load Metering and Monitoring.

Our commitment to Total System Performance and Reliability, coupled with the realization that today’s AV systems are no longer “Isolated Islands” but rather constantly connected and sharing the converged* Network with other equipment and systems, has fueled our entry in the Communications Network Surge Protection and Connectivity.

This constant Connection and Sharing with the Network (LAN) makes the equipment more vulnerable and susceptible to electrical threats such as:Lightning, Induced lightning, AC power cross, AC power induction, AC power transients, harmonics, Surges and RFI, which Degrade Performance and destroy the Network and Equipment connected to it.

And once more our Engineers were challenged to create an effective and innovative Network Surge Protection product line, to protect the Data Entry Point “Equipment Vulnerability” and suitable for today’s applications and systems based on the following design criteria:

Meet all National and International standards for minimal Signal/Data loss.
Meet UL 497/A Standard for Primary/Secondary Protection.
Meet Telcordia GR974 performance standard (for Telecommunications grade protection).
All Mode all Pairs protection to eliminate the build up of destructive voltages within a system.
Surge Resilient Fusing to eliminate nuisance tripping & data outages.
Suitable for use in Today’s high speed Networks.
Ground loop elimination and Ground Coordination with Existing RGPC Power Systems.
Maintain equal Voltage breakdown operation, between all pairs, lines and modes.
Equally Balanced Capacitance between Pairs and Each line to minimize Signal Loss.
Magnetostatically equalized Normal Mode RFI suppression.

The results of our design effort created the benchmark for our suRGclear™ technology which is implemented in our Data Link series for the Home AV market and our RG5 series for the Telecommunications Industry.

The suRGclear™ technology is utilized with RJ11 and RJ45 modular connectors, to protect AV Equipment from the harmful and unwanted electrical threats that can be delivered by the Telephone and Data lines.

Protection is achieved by passing all communications Lines (Telephone and Data) first through the Data Link and then to the AV Equipment.

For Complete and Ultimate Protection we recommend to connect the 6 AWG Ground Wire from the Data Link to the RGPC Power Delivery System that Provides AC power to your AV Equipment.

(*Home automation, AV Equipment, Smart appliances and Interconnected Systems)

RICHARD GRAY’S POWER COMPANY is a US owned and operated manufacturer of AC Power Delivery Systems and Communications Protection/Connectivity products. RGPC’s mission is to utilize its focus, experience and expertise in providing an enhanced, secure and safe environment where AC power, Communications and Data operate in harmony and maximum efficiency in today’s converged infrastructure.