Hard-core video game fanatics constantly search for the ultimate platform. There are home-version aficionados, and there are those who prowl amusement centers.

DreamAuthentics.com, launched four years ago, harnesses a combination of the most up-to-date software applications and blends them in a smooth arcade cabinet that replicates the exact control and feel of commercial stand-up consoles found through out arcades since the 80’s.

Since many of our customers like to go back and play the old classic games – like they used to do at the arcade – we wanted to create a product line that people could enjoy in their homes.

Our customers fall in to one of three categories, all of which want the ULTIMATE GAME CABINET in their ULTIMATE game room.

Those who are building new homes
Those who have existing homes and are renovating their game room
Those who just want the COOLEST RETRO VIDEO GAME TOY that money can buy


We have many different methods for our customers to truly customize their own cabinet. We also have the ability to design any personal video arcade product depending on our customer’s needs including:

Steel Joysticks
Optical Joysticks
Illuminated Trackball
Changing any button color
Integrated or wireless flight stick
Racing wheel
Metal spinner color
Cup Holders
Pinball Buttons
Arcade Light Guns
Enhanced Game Engine
Custom Side Art/Decals

We take pride in our ability to deliver the ULTIMATE PERSONAL ARCADE CABINET that is meticulously tailored to meet the needs of all our customers.


No DreamAuthentics cabinet is complete without the ULTIMATE in customization – THE MARQUEE!

We have had many customers over the years write us stories about how exciting it felt to “see their names in lights” on their own custom arcade cabinet. Actual marquees are incredibly high resolution with smooth graphics, edges, and lettering.

We can also create additional custom marquees for our cabinets


All of our personal arcade products come with default 2, 3 or 4 player joystick control panels that have been carefully designed and engineered over the years to provide the most flexible game control panel ever created.

Here are some pictures of a few of our standard panel configurations:


We manufacture and integrate the best arcade and electronics components from all over the world. Supplies from all over North America and Europe provide components that are assembled in our Indianapolis, IN facility for distribution to any destination worldwide – we currently have personal arcade products in almost every State as well as Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia.

The basic design calls for an integration of high-quality authentic video arcade parts coupled with an authentic Video arcade monitor and a powerful, open architecture integrated game engine.

All of the platforms are 100 percent Windows compatible, although other systems, such as LINUX and Apple’s OSX and the XBOX Operating Systems will also supported.

The best part about our OPEN ARCHITECTURE game engine is that nearly every game found on a retail shelf can be installed for use in the system. This opens the gaming platform up to play an almost unlimited number video games, both new and retro.

Our game cabinets can literally play TENS OF THOUSANDS of video games from:

Any retail PC game ever created that runs on a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System
PC-based Software emulation
Any retail XBOX game via a Microsoft XBOX Game Console
Fully Licensed arcade games that we provide in behalf of our licensed vendors

All of our personal arcade products also come with:

Software to play all your favorite DVD movies
Software to play all your favorite Music Audio MP3 Files
Unlimited Expansion Architecture (for Dance Pads, Golf games, etc…)


The custom-designed hardware and software we use provides the ULTIMATE in game display flexibility. We use AUTHENTIC VIDEO ARCADE MONITORS (NOT Televisions or NOT PC monitors…there is a HUGE difference in authenticity and quality) our platform AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS all software and display resolutions to match the EXACT original display of over any classic video arcade games…with NO user intervention.

We use hardware and software that supports 15khz video arcade monitors.

Why is a 15Khz video mode important?

Most arcade games were designed for 15Khz video output, and only ARCADE monitors are optimized to handle a 15Khz video signal as well…televisions and PC monitors ARE NOT.

This means that you’re going to get the best possible (and most authentic) game picture when you use an actual 15Khz video signal on a monitor designed to handle 15Khz.


Our special video hardware and software has the following features/functionality.

Displays all boot, DOS and Windows screens.
Displays Windows desktop in a choice of resolutions including interlaced and non-interlaced.
Allows almost all games at their native resolutions without hardware stretching, scan converters or other degradation.
Emulates the original game board’s graphics hardware closer than has ever been possible before.
Contains 28 built-in 15Khz video graphics modes tailored specially for classic arcade games.
240-line modes have an exact 60Hz vertical refresh rate for best performance in scrolling games.
Special 300 X 256 Mode timed at 53Hz vertical for games that require that resolution.
All video modes timed at 15.7Khz horizontal frequency to eliminate picture shifting on mode changes.
Contains all standard VGA graphics and text modes, running at 15Khz.
Text screens display the full 25 lines without interlace using a special reduced-height font.
All special modes available in Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 98 at all color depths. *Desktop rotation supported in Windows for vertically-mounted monitors in Windows XP and 2000.
Choice of Windows desktop resolutions including interlaced and non-interlaced modes. Can be assigned hot-keys
Run any Windows application which can use 640X480 or 800X600 on our arcade monitor including 3D games.
All modes locked with vertical and horizontal negative sync for easy connection via a direct cable.

We also have a separate board which allows connection of arcade controls such as buttons and joysticks to a keyboard port or USB port on a PC motherboard. The board was designed to be used inside our game cabinets with the PC also mounted inside.

The board has several inputs. They are all programmable and are designated to work with our authentic joysticks, buttons, trackballs and spinners.

The great thing is that customers can PROGRAM THEIR OWN BUTTONS ON AN INDIVIDUAL GAME BASIS.

Since our arcade control panels are varied in design with multiple button layout designs to accommodate any game configuration, we are able to allow the ULTIMATE in flexibility for our customers when playing their favorite games.

If a user wants the fire button on their favorite games to be on the Left, Right or somewhere else they can do it within 20 seconds.


Our goal with the product line was to create a universal game platform that could play virtually any game ever created using authentic arcade joysticks, trackballs, spinners, arcade monitors and flight sticks.

We have a platform for nearly every design taste and price range. Our cabinets range from $3,495 to $5,995 and can be customized with many different options.


2 Player Cabinet
27″ Digital Authentic Arcade Display


4 Player Cabinets
33″ Digital Authentic Arcade Display


2 or 3 Player Cabinet
33″ Digital Authentic Arcade Display

All of our cabinets come with a 2 year full cabinet warranty, a lifetime warranty on our joysticks and a 1 year warranty on the game engine and arcade monitor.


We are continually striving to build a product that satisfies every customer?s unique video gaming needs. To that end, we have included just a small sampling of what some customers are saying about our products from all over the world?.Game ON! About 6 months ago I visited a buddy who had just purchased the craziest thing I had ever seen. he had this “special” stand up arcade game (Excalibur cabinet), which I had always had planned on purchasing one ay (like a pac man or galaga). When I saw how cool this cabinet was it started the ball in motion… needless to say I told some guys at work and the next thing you know we have 5 cabinets on order. The next 4 weeks of my life were the longest ever while waiting for the cabinets…then they were ready!

The greatest thing ever was when we got the 3 Excalibur cabinets and 2 Uultra Quads. I will not lie, my eyes teared up, but the best was yet to come… the following 2 days and nights we logged some serious play time…the unlimited free credits, the seemingly endless games, and the completely customizable button configurations does not even scratch the surface of how great these cabinets are!

I would say you have to play one to believe it, but im sure you already have when you fed all those quarters into the numerous games (GAME PLAY IS THE SAME!!!) now every morning the 5 of us get together at work and talk about which games we have played and new discoveries we have found. If you haven’t figured out how I feel about this I will sum it up for you… everything about Dreamauthentics is awesome!!

Awesome SERVICE!! Awesome STAFF!! Awesome PRODUCT!!

5 very happy game nerds

Ben, Billy, Tom, Chad, and Rodney Des Plaines, Illinois

My Excalibur machine is absolutely jaw dropping! I cannot believe how professionally made it is, from the awesome control panel down to the sturdy cabinet and authentic arcade components. It was great to just plug this arcade machine in and start playing games from my past that I had forgotten–It has everything!

The communication was excellent and I was walked through every step of the way including; ordering, delivery methods, set-up and technical assistance. I never felt I was on my own after the transaction was complete.

Only problem now is I have to compete with my wife and kids just to get a chance to play. Our video game consoles now just set around and collect dust.

I extremely recommend Dreamauthentics for anyone wanting a professionally built arcade machine. Quality and Service were second to none.

Thank you very much to the entire Dreamauthentics Team!

Mitch Willard, Ohio

All my life I was being dragged out of arcades by my father, last night I got to send him home.

What a wonderful piece of kit – it actually delivers on every promise. I also have the added joy of being the only person in Ireland to own one so far. Despite my concerns the machine arrived well packed, wood crated and in perfect condition. Dealing with DreamAuthentics staff was a breeze both before and after – Value for money…and then some.

I now have a beautiful short list of 100 games, the only problem being how long do I play each one for.

Was on level 5 on Rygar the other day doing great when the wife was looking for a cup of tea…I feigned deafness for as long as possible but gave in in the end. It’s such a great looking machine…full marks for all your efforts in making the machine as authentic as possible.

I am on a working holiday to Israel on Wednesday (10 days) and was really looking forward to it, but not anymore…

Nick Dublin, Ireland

Do dreams really come true?

Answer: Absolutely!

Ecstatic doesn’t begin to describe the way we feel about our DreamAuthentics Game machine! Dream Authentics said they could build the arcade machine of your dreams, you did!

This system is EXACTLY like the games I played as a child, the only difference is that that I can play them over and over and over again without spending every dollar I have! I couldn’t have imagined how much we’d enjoy this system. In seconds, literally, you can go from a game of Pac-Man to Zaxxon. With the multiple options you offer for the machine, if desired I can use a flight stick or a light gun, or even a steering wheel for the classic racing games.

People are amazed at how “authentic” the games truly are. I’m still amazed and I’ve played the system for days on end! If anyone doesn’t believe what you advertise this system to do, feel free to have them contact me.

It is rare in today’s competitive market to find a company that delivers 100% on the claims of their product, Dream Authentics does! This is not just a game, think of it like a complete entertainment center for all ages. YOU GUYS ROCK! Worth every last penny, and the quality is top notch!

Michael Webster, NY

I am a collector and own 12 classic arcade cabinets, including Galaga, Centipede, Asteroids, Pac Man, etc.

About a week ago, I received your Dream Authentics Excalibur cabinet. Of all the cabinets I own, it is BY FAR my favorite. The quality of the video, the sound, etc. is unbelievable. Today, even my wife referred to the Excalibur cabinet as “the granddaddy of all video games.” She’s right, it is. Thank you for such a great product!

Thank you also for the great customer service. As you know, I e-mailed you about 10 times asking you petty questions that I could have figured out on my own (if I were patient enough). You always responded quickly and pleasantly, and this was AFTER the sale. I really appreciate it. In the last week, I have recommended your company to no less than 4 people. Thanks again!!!

Jim Palos Park, IL