Here’s another simple little device from Concept UK. PC Commander lets you control your PC with any IR remote control unit. And when I say simple … I mean it. No bells and whistles here … simple installation, simple setup and simple operation.

comman1.jpg (28265 bytes)To get going you just plug the IR receiver into a vacant serial port on your PC and run the setup CD. A few seconds later the software is installed and you’re ready to go. The setup even found the device on the correct port for me.

The screen on the right shows the interface (and that’s all there is). First thing you do is hit the Debug button, aim your remote at the receiver and push a button. If you see a series of characters in the red area of the interface it means the system works. Now … push the learn button and select a key or application to teach the system. A box pops up where you fill in the name of the command and “learn” the corresponding remote button by pointing your IR remote at the receiver and pushing the button you want to use for the command.

Do this for all the buttons and you’re ready to go. For example, you can sit back in your chair and click one button on your remote to open your web browser. Now relax and navigate around using the remote to scroll etc. This unit would be good for remote operation while giving a presentation with PowerPoint as well.

Oh … and it comes with plugins for WinAmp and Creative DVD player and is also good for a TV card.

List Price in the UK = £59 or you can bundle this with a PCRemote for £90. Available in the US and Canada from Future Standard Systems.