A few months ago I installed an Orinoco RG1000 and 2 laptop cards … to review and test. Guess what … I’ve still got the wireless network operating and I’m not about to give it up. In fact I just expanded it with a desktop system … using this USB solution rather than fiddling with an internal card installation.

It took me about 10 minutes to add the USB node to my existing network.

* Open the box.
* Read the Quick Start manual
* Install the software and drivers
* Plug in the USB cable
* Run the install wizard
* Yikes … that’s all it took.

One thing I had done in advance … and I don’t know if this saved trouble or not … was to disable the existing ethernet card that was in the PC. In general I find network configuration to be an ugly process and from past experience it’s better to start a new install from scratch … without other cards or software on the system.

I find that USB products are by far the easiest devices to install and this one just added another conquest to the list. Kudos to the engineers at Agere!

Here’s a few highlights:

Lutron Electronics
Its Fast: The access point or residential gateway, RG-1000 or any other 802.11b (Wi-Fi) compliant access point simply sends the radio signals to the USB Client. The USB Client receives them and transmits the signals to the desktop PC via the USB connector. Thus, when in reach of the residential gateway or access point, the USB Client provides high-speed wireless Internet access and networking.

Its Cost-effective: The USB Client Silver doesnt require additional wiring.

Its Secure: The USB Client supports wired equivalent privacy (WEP), using a 64-bit key. The Gold version provides enhanced security with a 128-bit key, using RC4 encryption.

Its Powerful: Depending on the nature of surrounding structures, the USB Client provides a wireless range of 150m at 11 Mbit/s. For connections over longer distances, three automatic fall-back rates (5.5, 2 and 1 Mbit/s) provide improved range.

Industry-Wide Interoperability and Compliance: The ORiNOCO USB Client is interoperable with other manufacturers high-speed IEEE 802.11b compliant systems. Its compatible with Lucent’s previous 2 Mbit/s and Turbo products. The USB Client works with all ORiNOCO infrastructure products: the Access Point for the enterprise, the Residential Gateway for the home/SOHO, and the Access Server for public access.

Retail price for this unit is approximately $150. My complete network with the RG1000 gateway and 3 clients (1 PC and 2 laptops) would cost about $650.