Highlights from Cedia Expo 2008 – A few of my picks from the show. Bob Hetherington

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Getting Serious About Energy Management – No, it isn’t as glamorous as home theatre. But it IS something that you can make money at that is actually beneficial to the customer and the world. AND you can combine it with your other work, especially automation. Grayson Evans

Getting VoIPed on a Home Network – How to provide VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone service to the customer via the home network. Grayson Evans

It’s Time to Personalize Surround Sound – With seven speakers and the SoundNumber™ system, BodySound technology provides automatic adjustments for an incredible, close-up and personal surround sound experience in every seat. Dan Cohen

New Options for Technicians – Zip Express Installation is a new option in home electronics installation that provides nationwide, next-day installation service for consumers using the abundance of excess technician capacity across the country. Chris Mauzy

Tubes You Can Use – It’s fairly common to need to feed a ball-chain down a wall cavity from a hole in a wall stud (rather than down from a hole in the top plate). If you have ever tried to do thisthrough a ½” or smaller hole, you’ll notice two problems. Grayson Evans

PLC – Wireless Lighting Control – Radio-controlled systems allow wireless remote control of existing residential lighting. The communication link between the PLC and the radio-controlled system is an RS232 interface unit. Eugene Kowch

No Way to Regulate – A European mobile TV standard will not enable lucrative roaming services, nor will it solve the economies-of-scale problem facing the market. It will, however, deny European operators the freedom to choose which technologies they need and also deny them the use of established network infrastructure. John Barrett

e-Health Opportunities – According to Parks Associates’ estimates, 7.2 million consumers will use home health monitoring solutions in the major countries of North America and Western Europe in 2012, up from less than 500,000 in mid-2008. They are either fragile seniors with or without debilitating chronic conditions or younger consumers with a strong desire to self-manage their personal health. Harry Wang

Online Marketing Campaigns – Whether or not you have a marketing staff, you can still promote your business intelligently, efficiently and cost-effectively. Your goal is to successfully communicate your exact message over all the other clutter in the marketplace. Leslie Stevens

Time to “Tecorate Your Home” – With a few easy “techorating” tips, you can make sure your new technology works with the look and feel of your home, rather than overwhelming the space. Doug Wilson

AES-IntelliNet – Reliable Alarms – When a tornado, hurricane or wild fire blows through town, AES-IntelliNet alarm signals always get through when others cannot. Deanne Frazier
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Integrating Home Theater and Whole Home Audio – In an ideal scenario, integrating a home theater with a multi-room system would be accomplished by a single component; one capable not only of carrying the audio content – as digital or analog – but also equipped to convey system control signals and the metadata that frequently and increasingly accompanies the content. Sanjay Castelino, Netstreams

ZigBee Smart Energy – ZigBee Smart Energy is a standard, easy and affordable way for communicating energy-related information, such as price, over ZigBee wireless home area networks. Bob Heile

CEA Mark of Excellence Awards – The Mark of Excellence Call for Entries is right around the corner and who better to give advice to integrators and manufacturers than one of our long time and accomplished winners, Shawn Smith of S&S Electric Co. Inc.
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Classic Home Toys #18 – XRCD Lives On – Yet another advanced compact disc recording format which made a valiant attempt at deposing both conventionally recorded compact discs as well as Sony’s SACDs was the format, xrcd. James Russo

Content Insider #107 – GPU vs CPU – Work or Play – Everyone expects their monitor to instantly refresh. They demand that the graphics to be lightning fast as well as ultra-realistic. Of course that also needs to be wrapped in a low-cost, environmentally kindly system. When all of this doesn’t come together we’re a little concerned.

Content Insider #108 – The Perfect Storm – Storage folks made it through last year – just barely – delivering enough capacity that just met everyone’s/everything’s needs. But man if you look out on the horizon – and beyond – it looks hairy.

Content Insider #109 – We’re All Still Talking, Viewing – The 2008 Olympics sent a flood of video content to the US and around the globe threatening to drown everything in its path. But the Internet infrastructure was able to support the huge online viewing audience easily.

Content Insider # 110 – Shrinking Computing – Just so no one missed the fact that Intel’s Craig Barrett was talking about another bright idea that the company’s engineering teams had developed the events folks put him in front of a light bulb. It didn’t work because we could barely see the itty-bitty device he held in his hand at the opening of IDF this year.
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