Today, homeowners have become more technologically savvy and home entertainment systems are far more sophisticated than ever before. Homeowners can now experience state-of-the-art entertainment in the comfort of their own home.

However, what may prove uncomfortable is the sacrifice many homeowners must make to enjoy such high sound and entertainment quality. In order to have premium, state-of-the-art home entertainment music distribution, many homeowners install subwoofers. While subwoofers can provide superb sound quality, most subwoofer packages include a bulky subwoofer box. This obtrusive box often takes up precious floor space, can be an eyesore and can create decorating dilemmas.

Why should homeowners have to give up sound quality for space and vice versa? Enjoying high sound quality products without losing space in your home is possible.

The NuTone Sensonic? In-Wall Subwoofer Package SS4110PB provides premium state-of-the-art home entertainment and music distribution without the bulky, subwoofer box. The SS4110PB is the only in-wall subwoofer/amplifier combination on the market, giving homeowners the chance to maintain high-sound quality without taking up unnecessary space, according to Christian Reick-Mitrisin of Broan-NuTone who is responsible for Low Voltage Products.

The SS4110PB includes a 10-INCH bass reflex subwoofer and 150-Watt digital amplifier, both of which virtually disappear when installed in a standard residential wall cavity. During new home building or new construction applications both the amplifier and subwoofer cabinet mount directly to the wall studs, behind the wall board. With the SS4110PB out of sight, homeowners can enjoy amazing sound quality and enjoy the space in their homes.

?The SS4110PB uses a 10-inch-long throw aluminum cone woofer design with heavy-duty neodymium magnets to reproduce exceptionally crisp low bass frequencies sustainable at high volume levels,? says Reick-Mitrisin.

The SS4110PB has no additional external amplifier or processor as the packaged unit includes the SS4110PB Digital Amplifier and 10-INCH subwoofer. For added convenience, the standard home theater receiver and the amplifier can serve as the home theater hub, connecting all in-wall and ceiling speakers to other audio video equipment, providing a cleaner setup.

The in-wall digital amplifier is a Class-D, digital amplifier, which ensures low heat dissipation at elevated power levels. This digital amplifier also has front, rear, center and auxiliary speaker connections, subwoofer input, a phase reversal switch, cross over frequency control, volume control and an automatic turn-on option. A power on/off switch ensures safety if a homeowner is away for a long time. To make installation easier the SS4110PB has handles for quick and easy installation and a plug/socket type quick-field power connection to reduce installation time.

The SW4110PBNC 10? Subwoofer has a MDF cabinet designed to absorb unwanted vibrations, a 150 Watt RMS Power Frequency Handling Capability, 30-300 HZ, (-6db) Frequency response, bass reflex design and sensitivity at one meter with one watt input: 90dB.

The Sensonic SS4110PB gives a clean powerful performance and offers a full five-year warranty. With a manufacturers suggested retail price of $1,440, the Sensonic SS4110PB is available at through home electronic showrooms nationwide.

Some things shouldn?t have to be sacrificed. With the NuTone Sensonic? In-Wall Subwoofer Package SS4110PB homeowners can have it all: personal space and high sound quality.