Built-in Central Vacuums are now a standard feature with many home builders. Through studies and experience, central vacuums have proven to remove more soil and dust from a home then traditional upright or canister vacuums. Generally, a central vacuum is more powerful, convenient, quieter and healthier to use, which is why most previous owners, insist on a central vacuums in any future home.

Over the years the manufactures have increased power, improved tools and accessories to make the usage even more enjoyable. The floor mounted vacuum dust-pan is one example of these improvements. This feature allows a homeowner to sweep debris from tile or perhaps a wood floor to an automatic dust-pan, which then sucks the dirt right off the floor by a simple toe-kick switch. This is a very popular feature for the obvious reason that it eliminates the hassles of finding and dealing with a hand held dust pan.

The latest and most exciting innovation in central vacuums is now making them wet cleaning capable! AQUA-AIR WET/DRY manufacturing is the leader in this innovative area. AQUA-AIR systems are now manufactured with water filtration systems for dry vacuuming, but also have hot water delivery and pick-up capability. The same power units will do (vacuum) everything a traditional dry only central vacuum will do, but now incorporates hot water extraction process that cleans carpets, upholstery and auto interiors. They also have brush and squeegee tools that are great for cleaning tile & grout, linoleum, concrete and even hardwood floors. Since all the dust, soil and dirty water are automatically sent down the drain, the systems can even clean-up spills and pet accidents.

The AQUA-AIR WET/DRY Central Vacuum looks and hangs on the wall just like the traditional dry-only systems, but there are obviously a few differences. Since the system uses a water spray filtration in the machine and can pick-up water, it must have a drain source near the machine. This could be a slop sink, floor drain, washing machine drain or connected directly to the sewer system. The Wet/Dry units incorporate a debris screen inside the tank to catch larger debris i.e. coins, paper-clips even diamond rings. This keeps it legal with city sanitation departments and usable on septic systems.

The hot water source for cleaning at the tools usually comes from the hot water supply in the home. By tapping into the home?s hot water supply, a life-time rated water line (copper or plastic pex) can be run along with the in-wall vacuum tubing and the companion vacuum inlet and water outlet can be mounted side-by-side in the wall. If a customer prefers not to have the water outlet in the wall, then water can be accessed by connecting a short hose under bathroom and kitchen sinks to the hot water side. This hose would then need to be attached to the wet-side cleaning attachments when the hot water is needed for rinsing. AQUA-AIR manufacturing also offers cleaning solutions that can be pre-sprayed on the surface to enhance cleaning results.

AQUA-AIR WET/DRY systems were first introduced in the U.S. approximately six years ago and in Canada before that. The very first system was installed in Canada almost 16 years ago and is still in operation today. Now with thousands of systems installed, the performance and dependability are well documented.

It certainly appears that home cleaning has just become a whole lot easier! Even though traditional central vacuums are great for dry-soil removal, they have never been able to clean away sticky or greasy soils. Leaving the home owner having to hire services, rent or buy carpet, upholstery and auto cleaning equipment. Cleaning tile and grout flooring has never been easy, usually requiring a hands and knees approach to get the grout lines clean that mops miss. But, with an AQUA-AIR WET/DRY central vacuum system, it becomes a Total Cleaning System and not only a vacuum. This seems to be the answer for people who love a clean home, but don?t necessarily like to clean the home. Having their own built-in system puts everything at a ?plug in and go? approach, without having to fill, empty, set-up or clean-up equipment. The old mop and bucket are eliminated with the new state of art systems. And never having to hassle with rental equipment or wait around the house for the service to show-up seems pretty attractive.

AQUA-AIR WET/DRY systems typically cost about twice as much as a dry only system. $3000-$3500 includes Power Unit, all tools and accessories, as well as labor and material to install a system in a medium size home.

For more information or with any questions you may have regarding the AQUA-AIR WET/DRY Total Cleaning System please call our toll free number (800-916-5777), e-mail us (aa@aquaair-wetdry.com) or visit our web site (www.aquaair-wetdry.com).