QiQi Labs Announces the QiQi Smart Shower, the First Affordable Remote Shower Controller That Is Convenient to Install and Integrates into Any Home

The QiQi Smart Shower is the world's first affordable remote shower controller that also eliminates shower water waste. Installing in just minutes, QiQi lets you warm up your shower from your bed or anywhere else in your house using your mobile phone.

QiQi Labs (http://www.qiqilabs.com) announces the QiQi Smart Shower, the first shower controller for residential and commercial use that is convenient to install and integrates seamlessly into any home. Sophisticated, compact, and easy to use, the QiQi Smart Shower adds a touch of style and convenience to your morning routine with the added benefit of remote shower activation. Water and energy saving technologies make it is easy on your budget and environmentally friendly.

The QiQi Smart Shower is designed for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation, and is easily installed in minutes with simple tools. Just remove your shower head, attach QiQi to the shower arm and attach the shower head to QiQi. Once installed, QiQi lets users remotely turn on and warm up their showers using a mobile app. When the shower has reached the desired temperature, the water is paused, and the user is alerted that the shower is ready. At their leisure, they can then prepare for their shower without wasting water or energy in the process.

QiQi Labs Co-founder Ernest Quarles explains, "We wanted to design a product that encourages conservation and provides a better shower experience -- we didn't want to ask the consumer to give up any important priorities such as practicality or aesthetics. We are committed to Conservation and Convenience as design principles and are laser focused on providing value and delight to homeowners.

The shower experience has not really changed in more than 100 years. You go into the bathroom, turn on the shower, and then wait. But if you're busy multitasking, sleepy or simply distracted, you are likely wasting hundreds of gallons of water a year between the time when the shower is ready and when you get in it."

"This is called behavioral waste," adds QiQi Co-founder, Steven Isabelle. "And in the United States it adds up to billions of gallons of water wasted each year along with the energy used to heat it. Our patented shower controller technology can have a meaningful and positive impact on water conservation for a household, a hotel, or for a city or state."

The QiQi founders have been conducting user trials for the past eight months and are preparing for their Kickstarter campaign this summer. "We are very pleased with the feedback that we have received from our beta testers," says Isabelle. "The funds raised in our Kickstarter campaign will be used for industrial and aesthetic design refinements of the enclosure, final preparations for manufacturing, and injection molds for mass production."

The QiQi Smart Shower uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with mobile phones. Both iPhone and Android apps are available in their respective app stores. The device runs on a single 9 Volt battery that will last six to eight months depending on family shower patterns. The QiQi founders also emphasize that while water conservation is probably the largest benefit, consumers will also see a decrease in their energy consumption as well, since the water heater will no longer have to heat up the water that is normally wasted at the end of the shower warm-up cycle. If they can reach their Kickstarter goal this Summer, the QiQi founders say that they will be able to fulfill crowdfunded orders in early Spring 2019.

About QIQI Labs: QiQi Labs, LLC is a technology startup based in Atlanta, Georgia. The founders Dr. Steven Isabelle and Ernest Quarles, both Electrical Engineers, lead the team. With more than four decades of consumer product and software engineering experience between them they started the company in 2016. The company holds a patent on remotely controlled shower actuators which is the foundation of their initial product offering the QiQi Smart Shower.

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