MindHome Inc. appoints Alan Banta as Chief Technology Officer

Alan Banta brings over two decades of consumer electronics leadership experience and has a track record of transforming and scaling technology platforms to hundreds of thousands of homeowners.

Boulder, CO — May 1, 2018 — MindHome Inc., which builds software solutions to monitor residential smart home systems that alert homeowners to potential problems and shut off incoming services if necessary, today announces it has appointed Alan Banta as Chief Technology Officer. Banta brings over 20 years of experience to MindHome. He will join the MindHome executive team and report directly to Chief Executive Officer Daniel Turgel.

As CTO, Banta will be responsible for evolving MindHome's technology strategy, scaling its IT systems and infrastructure to deepen its machine learning expertise, and executing MindHome's roadmap to help create the best smart homeowners' insurance experience.

Turgel said, "During our extensive search for a CTO, Banta emerged as the natural choice given his track record of scaling complex platforms, his proven ability to guide transformation at leading technology companies, and his deep understanding of consumer experience. Banta has proven himself as a strong partner to the executive team and has helped drive execution and focus across our tech organization. I'm delighted to officially welcome Alan on board and look forward to his contributions to MindHome's evolution as a leading brand in insurance."

"MindHome is building a reputation as a world-class and innovative InsurTech organization. In addition to tackling some of the most compelling challenges within residential risk mitigation, MindHome is helping to pave the way for future building code standards that homeowners can rely on to not only protect their homes, but also the lives in them. I'm excited to join this immensely talented and growing team," Banta said.

Banta's distinguished and diverse experience spans from startups to major consumer electronics companies. His career in technology has included the role of Chief Operating Officer of HAUS, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Xssentials, and various roles at Ultimate Electronics helping to develop the company's consumer installation strategies. Recently he was managing Control4's most challenging market, Silicon Valley, where the smart home competition is fierce.

About MindHome Inc.
MindHome Inc is a global InsurTech platform. We build smart software, integrate best-in-class hardware, and provide services to prevent homes from suffering damage or other losses. With our products, millions of people around the world can live a better life with a smart home, both by having the brain that makes the home smarter and the mind that solves the problem. Smarter homes can shut off critical supply lines to minimize damage from any adverse event ranging from water leaks to fires to internet breaches and much more.

MindHome Inc was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

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