Mercku Launches M2 Hive Wi-Fi System to Give Homes the Connectivity They Deserve

The M2 Hive and M2 router are now available on Indiegogo

WATERLOO, Ontario—April 30, 2018—As more households install voice assistants, smart thermostats, and other devices, the home is finally getting the connectivity it deserves. Mercku today launched its M2 Wi-Fi router and M2 Hive Wi-Fi system, the highest performing router products available today. Built from the ground up as a complete system, the M2 Hive offers the speed, connectivity, simplicity, and control that the smart home requires, and is now available on Indiegogo.

"Too many households try to get by with slow, spotty Wi-Fi. If you try to upgrade, you're met with routers that are cobbled together to maximize specs rather than actual performance," said Alex Qi, Co-Founder, and CEO at Mercku. "From its design to its simplicity to its reliable performance, the M2 Hive offers the best Wi-Fi connectivity you can get. It's built on superior, patented technology, including our antenna and transceiver, which reduces noise and improves transmission to power the smart home without the lag and dead spots of other systems."

Each M2 performs 10-20% better than the current best in class models, and twice as fast as the industry average. It also supports up to 60 devices. Its attractive, streamlined design means it doesn't have to be hidden in a corner, and it's simple to set up. Plug and play, and it covers up to 3,000 square feet of space, depending on the layout, and can cover more areas of a house through mesh and hive configurations.

For large homes or consumers with different needs, improving coverage is as easy as plugging in a few small nodes. The M2 Hive includes an M2 and four Bee nodes, a system that can cover up to 5,000 square feet and goes around walls, offering connection speeds that support 8K streaming throughout a house. Each node is light and portable and plugs into outlets throughout a home to form a strong mesh network and eliminate dead spots.

All configurations of the M2 can be controlled by the M2 Wi-Fi app, which shows the speed coming into and out of the router to help pinpoint bottlenecks, and allows you to manage users. You can limit bandwidth for specific devices, so a child can't watch streaming TV and movies at night, for example. You can also block devices as needed if one is using too much bandwidth.

The app makes possible parental controls and leverages the super elliptical security algorithm, used by the most secure smartphones, and approved by the NSA, for ample security. Updates are made automatically over the air to keep the M2 up to date in both its features and security.

"We have completely rethought the Wi-Fi router from start to finish and created a complete system from the ground up, engineering the most important components ourselves to ensure they work in harmony to perform better than anything else on the market," said Qi.

The M2 will be available on Indiegogo starting at $69, and the M2 Hive (1 x M2 and 4 Bees) starting at $199. The campaign will run from April 30 to June 30. Initial backers can expect to receive their M2 unit in early July.

About Mercku
Mercku creates the hardware that keeps homes and businesses connected. Focusing on wireless communication solutions at both the consumer and enterprise level, Mercku has a proven history working with major telecom providers and has sold over 5M units in Asia. The company's tech founders are world-renowned experts with more than 450 patents between them; their designs for smartphone antennas and satellites are foundations for today's technology, and in 2018, one founder was inducted into the Fellowship of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. Based in Waterloo, Canada, Mercku also develops solutions for businesses, including drone delivery, structural disaster prevention, and IoT solutions. For more information, visit

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