Taking Amazon's Alexa Skills to Next Level - Air Conditioning Was Never So Smart!

Talk directly to your Air Conditioners through Alexa's Smart Home or Custom skills and Cielo Breez.

Cielo WiGle is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Amazon Alexa related custom and smart skills for its smart controls for any brand ductless air conditioners. The 'Cielo Breez', smart controller is plug n play Wi-Fi controller that works with already installed or newly procured ductless systems. Cielo Breez is brand independent and can convert any mini split, fan coil unit, floor standing unit, Window AC or PTAC (with a remote control) into a smart AC. With Cielo Breez, the user has the luxury of talking directly to their air-cons through Alexa's smart home and custom skills.

What's New - Thy Voice is our Command!

The array of custom skills launched by Cielo are matchless in ductless industry. Enjoy the pleasure of controlling your mini split through voice commands. Now the users of Cielo Breez can ask their Amazon Echo or Dot about real-time filter cleanliness status of their mini split to maintain healthy indoor environment. They can also ask their AC usage status of previous day, previous week or previous month to keep a watch on their energy savings targets. The user of Cielo Breez can even ask Alexa about their user name and number of Cielo smart devices registered against their names. Simply speaking, the user can enslave their air-cons by telling Cielo Breez to set temperature of their liking, power on/off by saying few words , play with the brightness of Cielo Breez display and much more.

The Cielo Breez is all about utmost convenience & unprecedented savings to our customers. Both the smart and custom Alexa skills are designed to give our customer the luxury of achieving both by just saying few words.

Cielo Breez is Feature Rich, Innovative & Futuristic!

Cielo Breez and its eco system is designed to maximize user's convenience and achievements of targeted energy savings goals. Features include but not limited to power of unlimited controls from anywhere, comprehensive usage statistics, complete usage audit of connected ACs & Heat Pumps, weekly scheduling, location based controls, air filter status and much more. Users can save up to 25% on their energy bills by using Cielo's futuristic feature set and energy saving algorithms. Cielo Breez works with both the Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa.

The latest combo of custom and smart skills are tailored to ensure comfort, convenience, healthy environment with a lot of savings. Yes, savings in Dollars.
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With Cielo Breez, your smart air conditioning is just a voice command away.

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