Slim TWO, a Smart Toilet Seat by Bio Bidet, Launches on Kickstarter

The Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat brings luxury into homes at an affordable price for personal hygiene

Bio Bidet has launched their campaign for the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $25,000. The Slim TWO redefines the bathroom experience with its sleek, smart bidet, which includes high-end, customizable features for an affordable price.

"We believe water does it better. We're here to introduce a new level of cleanliness and hygiene," said Bio Bidet Marketing Director James Amburgey. "With a little help, we can bring an affordable, cleaner alternative to just regular toilet paper. The Slim TWO is designed for the modern American home, and we're bringing all of the features you would expect to see in high-end products down to an affordable level."

The Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat gives consumers the chance to enhance personal hygiene with the bidet being a healthier alternative to toilet paper. Slim TWO offers a smart sensor, heated seat, heated water, a night light and more. Every Slim TWO stainless steel bidet is designed to be do-it-yourself with parts for installation included. Unlike most bidets, Bio Bidet created the Slim TWO to work with users' existing plumbing, and it comes with a four-foot power cord to connect to an existing outlet. Each smart bidet comes with an owner's manual and installation guide, and Bio Bidet's professional customer service representatives can assist over the phone in real time.

Along with its easy installation, Slim TWO's smart and luxury features make it a perfect addition to any bathroom. It includes a wireless remote, power save mode, massage and more. For those who use the bathroom in the middle of the night, the Slim TWO's night light will help guide the way. All of these features are customizable from the wide cleaning feature to temperature and water pressure features.

Packed full of features, the Slim TWO is currently available on Kickstarter for a discounted price of only $169. For more information, visit

About Bio Bidet

Located Northwest of Chicago, Bio Bidet aims to bring users a healthier alternative to their every day bathroom routine. Bio Bidet's products are designed to be installed onto an existing toilet and include all parts needed for installation. Setting themselves apart from other bidet lines with their affordable cost, Slim TWO helps users eliminate waste and increase a more hygienic lifestyle. For more information about the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat or BioBidet, visit

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