Smart Home Security Receives an Affordable, No-Monthly-Fees Revamp with SENS8

Unlike other smart security devices, SENS8 doesn’t put a price on your peace of mind

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For homeowners, keeping your family and property secure is always top of mind. But monthly fees for quality home security can put a dent in your budget to spend on quality family activities. Now thanks to SENS8, launching today as a brand new, all-in-one smart security device, homeowners have access to an affordable, top-of-the-line home security system, without any monthly fees.

The SENS8 smart home security system offers comprehensive monitoring at a fraction of the cost, while significantly reducing the occurrence of false alarms. In the U.S., at least 90 percent of home security alarms are false, resulting in financial loses and disruption to emergency services. The device's unique Smart Alert Technology minimizes false alarms, by using advanced motion and passive infrared sensors to detect real threats. The 1080P HD, live streaming camera with night vision captures disturbances, day or night, while only alerting users to true threats.

In addition to its portability and sleek design, users are never required to pay fees to use the device or to access their video recordings. With unlimited cloud storage that's encrypted for added security, and absolutely free thanks to a direct API connection to Dropbox, homeowners save hundreds of dollars, unlike other subscription-based security systems.

SENS8's unique humidity, temperature and ambient light sensors, also gives homeowners a Smart Home Index score, providing useful feedback on the home's environment health. Ideal for homeowners who need a healthy home environment, due to newborns or elderly relatives, the Home Index compares the minimum comfort threshold to current environment data to provide accurate information on home health.

Additional features include:

95 dB+ alarm & two-way speaker
Automatic arm and disarm
Backup battery that lasts two hours
8G local storage with embedded eMMC memory stores 800 video clips. Compared to SD card storage, built-in memory stores faster, and cannot be removed from the device, adding an extra level of security.
"We take pride in providing families with a high quality, cost-effective security system, without sacrificing functionality or design," said Dr. Yang Liu, founder of SENS8. "We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home, without spending hundreds of dollars a year. That's why we've also developed a security system that minimizes false alarms, eliminating unwarranted expenses, and giving homeowners peace of mind that their family and home are safe."

The free SENS8 app keeps iOS and Android users connected anywhere, anytime. Once a threat is detected, thanks to the system's high definition camera, embedded light, and motion and temperature sensors, the app will send an immediate alert to your smartphone and trigger the 95dB+ alarm - providing homeowners with maximum security, whether near or far. Users can then contact the police through the app if a threat is confirmed. For further peace of mind, the live stream can be viewed by up to four family members per device simultaneously.

SENS8 is available for $169 at Amazon. For more information, please visit:


SENS8 is an all-in-one, smart home security device that offers comprehensive monitoring at an affordable, low cost. SENS8 provides everything one would expect in a premium security system, with the ability to detect nearly any abnormal event in your home thanks to light intensity, ambient temperature and humidity sensors, an infrared motion detector, microphone, and 1080p HD live streaming camera with night vision. SENS8's Smart Alert Technology also minimizes false alarms and alerts users once a true threat is detected. The device also offers unlimited cloud storage that's free, thanks to a direct API connection to Dropbox, along with a sleek design and easy to use app. For more information, please visit:

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