World's Smartest Lighting System, Kleverness, Nears $100,000 on Kickstarter

Kleverness’ next generation smart lighting system fully funded on Kickstarter in under 12 hours

Kleverness smart lighting allows users to automate their homes with no modifications, no need to rewire their homes, and no special bulbs. The Kleverness team launched their campaign on Kickstarter for their Klever products on November, 7th. They reached their funding goal of $50,000 in under 12 hours on Kickstarter and continue to near $100,000 in funding with 19 days left in the campaign.

Kleverness is a line of smart home lighting and automation products including the Klever Switch, Klever Dimmer and Klever Outlet. Klever products can be easily installed into any existing setups without the need for an electrician or rewiring. Kleverness fits into most switch plates, housing up to three switches. The Klever Switch, Klever Dimmer and Klever Outlet are all European compatible making it just as simple to install overseas.
"The home automation and lighting systems out there just weren't cutting it in terms of features," said Dan Nurko, Co-founder of Kleverness. "We took it upon ourselves to design our own system called Kleverness that has all of the functionality I'd been looking for and more. The most important thing we found was that almost every system requires homeowners to rewire their homes, costing them a fortune. Those systems also made lighting automation impossible for people who lease their houses or apartments. We engineered Kleverness to have the best features out there, and not require people to change their electrical installations."
Kleverness devices are long-range radio frequency repeaters, ensuring the system works in any size home and that there will never be a dead spot. This also allows for users to be notified via the Kleverness App when a bulb has burnt out or when a switch cannot complete its function. The Kleverness App can help users learn how to use less energy by giving them insights on their energy consumption and helping save on their next power bill. Users are able to take advantage of the geofencing feature that allows them to turn off all of the lights in their home when leaving and turn them on upon arriving home. This ensures all of the lights are off when leaving a home and can help save money in the long run. Dimming lights with the Klever Dimmer can help users save by drawing less power from their lights.
Kleverness is currently available on Kickstarter for pre-order starting at $87 for a Klever Hub and a Klever Outlet, Dimmer or Switch. Backers can take advantage of early bird deals, getting Kleverness for over 30% off the retail value. For more information, visit
About Kleverness
Kleverness Co-founders Dan Nurko and Alex Fraind are young entrepreneurs who believe Kleverness is a stepping stone for a huge home automation business. Their patent-pending technology is something that does not exist in the current marketplace. They want to help people save time, money and energy while living a more comfortable life with Kleverness. The Kleverness team hopes to automate other home products in the near future such as blinds, thermostats, and security systems. For more information, visit

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